Tauro Extra Strong Delay Spray - Your experiences?

Has anyone used this product?

I'm thinking about ordering this without my partners knowledge, I'm not saying I am poor in the bedroom, but I would much rather spend time on my partner with my hands and mouth than penetrative sex.

I enjoy pentrative sex, soe does andshe has orgasmed that way several times. But it can be something we don't even get to some nights.

Anyway, does it actually work and what could I expect from using it?


Not used that one but have used the 'Super dragon' (and a competitor that is identical but in a white bottle and significantly cheaper). That does work and helped me get around the issue of coming a bit quicker than I'd like and often feeling that she'd not quite got there (but is far too kind to say it).

A couple of sneaky sprays a few minutes before kick off and it numbs the old chap just enough. Took a few goes to get the right amount. Too much and I couldn't feel a damn thing, was going forever!

Once you get the dose right you can still feel, it just takes a bit longer to get to 'the point of no return', if that makes any sense? Don't use it every time, but used it on and off for probably a couple of years without her knowing (unless she's found it in my cupboard and not mentioned it of course). Toyed with the idea of telling her but maybe it's pride stopping me. I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy feeling a bit of a hero after a long session and she's been screaming the house down.

I tried a few and found the 'lidocaine' based ones work best for me. The Sliquid Rock (benzocaine) did nothing for me so might be worth trying a couple if the first doesn't work out.

Random question, does it still feel enjoyable to the guy if his stick and berries is a bit numb?? Also, can the product 'rub off' onto your partner?

If you use too much then yeah you might as well be using someone else's ;). But with a small amount you can still feel it, just slightly less intense. Difficult to explain.

I usually spray it on, leave it 5-10 minutes then rinse it off to stop any transferring to the OH's bits. But on the odd occasion that I've forgotten or she's jumped me before I got chance she's certainly never mentioned feeling any numbness.

Thanks Kneeslider

This is something that I must give a go.

After going from being a regular masterbater to just with mrs r, I find myself being a little too quick out of the stalls. Mostly I get her where she is going but there is odd occasion where she could throttle me. And not in any kinky way.

I bought this with mixed success however that might be diwn to my application?!?

Do you spray it on the head of the links with foreskin pulled back or the outside of the penis??

Lidocaine is a very good numbing cream its used for tattooing and only 2.0% strength in the uk, however americans are allowed 4.0% its also used in vagisil random i know but anything with lidocain is expensive, have you tried mentally slowing your self down thinking of something off putting, watch tv etc