Tenga egg

Has anyone used a tenga egg? As it been long since having sex. Was thinking giving it a go

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Yes I was gifted one :point_up: by the wife in a stocking filler :star_struck:.

They are usually a 1-2 use toy, have lube inside and ready to go.

Great feeling and really enjoyed.

Depends what your looking for and if after something that will last maybe longer, then get a bottle of lube and a Stroker instead. Similar to the below :point_down:

Plus lots of 3 for 2 deals on them or 50/60% off :star_struck: just search :flashlight: strokers on LH website :+1:

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Tenga has other toys that can be reused multiple times.

I have a Tenga 3D Zen i really enjoy, amd it flips inside out for super easy cleaning. Sadly not sold on lovehoney.

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I’ve used a few tenga toys, honestly look at buying a fleshlight quick shot not much more expensive and it’s reusable it was a no brainier for me.

Yep , quite liked it

I have a Tenga egg that I’ve used a few times
It has a nice feeling and normally use it for a quick masturbation session
I find mine makes me cum tquick with no mess to clean up
But I also use my stroker

Which is also pleasurable when using solo or in a mutual session
But can make a mess as it double ended :sweat_drops::sweat_drops: