Tenga Eggs help.

Hi there! My hubby is a male toy novice and I was attracted my Love Honey's Tenga eggs offer. They look fab to me. I really want to treat hubby to these. Can I ask, are they as good as they look? Also, which textures are the best in your opinion? Thanks x

Have you read the reviews? That's a good place to get an idea of how good they are.
In terms of which sensation is best, personally having tried several, there really isn't much to choose between them, the penis isn't that clever.
Also, although designed for single use, with care you can get a few uses.

Sum Sub wrote:

Have you read the reviews? 


I have had a wee look at the reviews but couldn't decide between textures - so was just intrigued to see what the Love Honey men had to say about them. I recently got butt plug advice from you lovely fellow forum people. I found the opinions to be spot on. Just curious as to what you all had to say on the product and which is best. Sorry if my question was a bit redundant :(

How about sorting them by rating and getting the highest rating one? Or the one you like the name of most, or the one with the most I term ting texture.
If he really is new to this type of toy, the likelihood of him telling one texture from another is remote; he'll be so overwhelmed in orgasm in bliss!

The short video below the product image can be really helpful so you can see the texture smiley

I love love love Tenga. The eggs are actually the *only* product my partner likes!

My favourite one (and the one I find is most popular for customers) is the Lovers Heart. Its so cute and has a romantic aspect to it too - http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=24048 Don't be fooled with the romance to it though because the texture is, should I say 'mindblowing'!

Otherwise go for the Stepper, which is a great one to consider too in regrds to texture - http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=17116

They are wonderfully discreet too and if you look after it (toy cleaner, air dry) you can get a few uses out of them. 

Thanks very much Paige! That's exactly the kind of feedback I wanted - will have a looksie :) x

Just be aware they are single use (2 to 3 if careful)
If the tenga 3d are still on sale I'd get one of them over the eggs as they are designed to last much longer and the same prices as 2 to 3 eggs.

The eggs are great and are really enjoyable, but its £5+ a use so best for weekends away.

As for textures they are all great, but it depends on your perferences to pick a best.
Spiral is the best 3d sleeve IMO, with pile a close second

I have purchased 2 tenga eggs. Misty and lovers heart. They are small but do the job as they do stretch well and if looked after last more than just a few times. Personally i love the lovers heart egg as the shapes inside feel pretty good on my bare manhood.

Hi. My wife brought me the love heart egg first time i ever had a toy and it was amazing well worth a try. They have got 6 eggs for £30 in the spring sale at the monent.

Sexkitten86 wrote:

Thanks very much Paige! That's exactly the kind of feedback I wanted - will have a looksie :) x

You're welcome! xx

I was put off by the single use. Previously bought a tenga in the tube ( standard vacuum cup ) which was great ( I mean amazzzzzing ) for £10 ish but noticed it deteriorated despite washing it well after. Now realise despite quality build its intended for one use. Now gone for. http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=28097
Which I think is multi use. Have to say the tenga ( from 5 or so years ago ) was amazing, and not so impressed with this doc Johnson. In terms of sensations though perhaps its just fond memories of first time with this sort of stroker.