Tenga Flip Male Masturbator

Hi Guys.

Apologies if there is a similar thread, but I couldn't see a up-to-date one.

I've decided I'm going to buy a Tenga Flip Hole but the one I want (white) is currently out of stock. I like the idea of the slightly softer nodules compared to the black.

Is it worth me spending the extra money on the luxury one?

If anyone has one, I'd be grateful for your thoughts / reviews.


Hi FF,

Bought the original white when they first came out and loved it, it lasted a couple of years and have recently been thinking about replacing it but just not got around to it.

Find it hard to believe the others are worth paying more for as it is more to do with how you press the buttons and the lube.

I've got the red one (which may now be discontinued) and I think it's awesome. Get one, you won't regret it!

I haven't tried the more expensive ones but Tenga stuff is always really well made so I'm sure you won't regret the extra outlay

I still have the tenga flip hole masturbator in white and have had it for a while. Really good product and would definitely reccomend it to any man. If it's the white one your after you will not be disappointed