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Hey All,

Some :lh_heart_purple: Regular Testers up for grabs. :tada: Simply vote for an item to put yourself forward for consideration. Any questions or comments feel free to add them below.

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:lh_heart_purple: Regular
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Some points to remember:

  • Make sure you have live reviews - You will not be picked otherwise.
  • Make sure your address is up to date - We can only send to what you have listed in your account.
  • Ensure you can review the item in the time frame required - If you think it is not possible please do not put your name forward. Also please make sure you can test the item selected.

For more detailed info check out the The Great Big Review and Testing Guide


Thanks @Lovehoney_Brenna … would love to try all three - looks like it would make a nice little set…

Hey Brenna! Can I just double check - the description for the Vush g-spot vibe says only for external use? I’m guessing this is an error given the name? Thanks in advance! :blush:


Voted. Good luck all! Great choices!

Thanks Brenna

Would love to test these just think of the fun you can have :wink:

Would love to test the Inflatable Weighted Butt Plug 3.25 Inch.

I love that you are supplying vegan products but for me the cork doesn’t look sexy.

All voted :ballot_box: :star_struck:


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That’s a good vegan set, looks interesting


Great to see some new vegan options :smile:


I was watching Sense8 and told my partner that seeing a man being walked through a club on a leash turned me on. He said he had also thought about it when he had me ball gagged and thought I would look really good with a collar and forgot to say because we were a tad busy. So we would love to test the collar and leash. I really love that it is not black, its very sexy.

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Just voted. :+1:

Done,Thank You :blush:

Some great items on this list, heres hoping :crossed_fingers:

Voted! Looks like a good list :wink:

These look good​:grinning:


The inflatable weighted plug would be so nice to try! X

Voted! Thanks for the fantastic options! :heart:

We already own an inflatable butt plug, would be interesting to see how different a weighted inflatable plug feels