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Voted :wink:

Voted :slightly_smiling_face::+1: x

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Interesting, voted

Voted! Le Wand is a great brand.

Voted, fingers crossed im lucky enough to get a test of the fleshlight girls butt Elsa Jean treat texture toy.

Im especially intrigued by the treat texture bit, what makes it such a treat? It sounds utterly divine and somsthing id like to really explore with all my length.

Voted :blush: and thanks for the opportunity

My wife and i would be delighted to look into the crystal (kegal) balls and reveal your fortune. :rofl:

Would love to try the rose quartz toys as I am quite spiritual, and I know the bf would enjoy trying our the Male Masturbator

Please pick me! Its my birthday today and lets be honest - this is the present Iā€™d love but no one would get for me hahaha


The crystal toys look beautiful! :heart_eyes:


Voted for the gorgeous rose quartz!

Couple days late but voted :smile: