:lh_heart_purple: Tester List

Voted! That masturbator looks like it’s packing A LOT into a small package! :rofl:

Voted @Lovehoney_Brenna - super interested in the Lelo from a ‘hands free’ standpoint. It could be amazing!

… but isn’t anyone else having issues with the term ‘realistic’?

Voted. Keeping my fingers crossed for the lelo but would be quite hot watching hubby on the vibrating boobies!!!

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Vote is in :crossed_fingers::crazy_face:

All voted :ballot_box: :star_struck:

@Lovehoney_Brenna Mr Goth_Girl’s eyes popped out of his head at that third item so i just had to vote for that!!! :woozy_face:

Voted fingers crossed would love to put them through their paces

Voted. Excited!
Thanks @Lovehoney_Brenna !!!

Voted! The 3rd item looks amazing :slightly_smiling_face:


Would love to test Lelo Ida Wave Rechargable App Controlled Dual Stimulation Vibrator


I had spotted it on the website and it’s got everything you need! :rofl:

The lelo ida wave! :heart::heart::heart:

Voted, the realistic interactive vibrating vagina ass and tits masturbator looks amazing

Made our choices and finished our first review, looking forward to a lot more!! Thanks

Voted :smiley:

Voted, would loge to test one of these :grin:

Voted :grin: