Testosterone.....Any Users?

I would imagine this post would be more aimed towards males who use these forums

I was curious as to whether any men have used or are currently using testosterone? Whether this is for medical purposes or for bodybuilding?

Im curious to know if you do what side effects if any you have and whether you have noticed any difference?

I got diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or ME if you want to call it that in 2012 and at the time, because i become quite ill my doctor pretty much tested me from everything from a blood problem, to AID's, HIV, Cancer. All that.

Whilst having numerous blood tests etc.... my doctor found that my testosterone levels had dropped to what would be a normal range. Normal range would be anything from 10-20 he told me and i was at 8.8. So i got referred to an Endrocrinologist and then started on a gel which i had to rub in each day. However this had no effect and my levels further dropped to around 6.5 I was then put onto the injection around Oct 2012 and my levels did increase to around 9 and then to about 10.5 However my endrocrinologist said as i was on the injections i should be hitting around 15 on the range. I was therefore increased up to 2 injections every 12 weeks which i must add kills like hell.

Since the doubling of the dose i have noticed a dramatic change. I feel i have filled out in terms of muscle mass. My sex drive has shot through the roof and i can maintain an errection which is more firm. The downside is i have noticed i persperation more (but i dont smell and i always shower etc) But the other thing i notice is my mood can sometimes be over the place. This can be from just being peeved off to be feeling emotional. I can get paranoid over the stupidest of things which can leave me jumping to conclusions which is then no good.

Sorry for length of post, but yeah if anyone has an experiences they wish too share, would be great to hear them.