Thank you Lovehoney Lingerie

So on a whim I decided to try a couple of bodystockings out, one made by Lovehoney. I've had an eating disorder since I was 13/14 and I've hated my body ever since. I thought that bodystockings would help on days where I feel really self conscious but still want to be intimate with my partner. And let me just tell you now, for the first time in four, nearly five years I felt confident with my body when I was wearing the Fishnet and Lace bodystocking from Lovehoney and I actually cried when I put it on. It was very emotional for me to see my body and for the first time actually not hate what I see, obviously the affects leave as soon as I take it off but when I want extra confidence now, I know this is an option for me, so I just want to say thank you Lovehoney

What a lovley story! :D I'm glad you found somthing you feel confident in


How wonderful - I am so happy for you :) xx

That is absolutely fantastic! I'm really happy for you! :D

This is lovely to hear, so pleased for you xx

What wonderful news, so happy that Lovehoney could help you with this! I love wearing lingerie too and have one favourite bodystocking, they're beautiful eh? :)

Aw that's so good to hear! I also find that Lovehoney lingerie packaging is good because it just has a drawing on it instead of a picture of a hot model. Do you find this helpful when you order something?

I had a friend years ago that had suffered with an eating disorder for a long time and it affected her pretty much as you describe,it is really nice to hear that something so simple can make such a huge difference to your confidence.

Great news - so glad you now feel more positive about yourself xx

Thank you everyone :) xx

HappilyExperimenting - so beautiful! Can't believe I waited this long to try them!

RubyRedSlippers - Yes! So much more tasteful I think :)

Thats great news hun ☺

That's fantastic I am so pleased for you.

That's lovely news and I'm so pleased for you . It's great when you find something thats gives you a real confidence boost when you put it on :)
Also agree with the comments about the tasteful Lovehoney packaging.

Aw that's great to here, love a good story, hope this is you on the road to making more steps to getting your confidence back.