That noise

So...I LOVE to give my wife oral sex. I could spend all day on the hour, every hour.... u get the idea.

Obviously, she starts to enjoy it and eventually i insert a finger or 2 and have a nice play.

Gradually, she gets wetter and wetter which is great but as im sure you understand, fingers inside a nice wet vagina, there is going to be some noises. I love those noises as its a way of knowing she enjoys it. But several times ive been asked to stop as soon as she hears it. I've told her and reasured her its nothing to worry or be embarresed about and how it turns me on.
A few times we've gone past that stage and she has squirted which was the best feeling ive ever experienced, but im confused at to why i get told to stop.
Ive asked before but she has said its not. has to be.

Do anyother woman get embarresed or put off by that noise?

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Killin me dude!!!!

Put on music so its less obvious. Maybe she's feeling self conscious.

Could be that she's feeling self conscious or that she gets overly sensitive at that point and interaction becomes uncomfortable or painful?

I'd try background noise such as the tv or music first and see if that helps the situation. If she can't hear it, she may want to continue. If she still stops, it could be option number two

My OH does the same to me gets extremely wet and as soon as she hears that noise it completely distracts her from the job at hand (excuse the pun) and it is purely self conscious reasoning.

When we are in the bedroom she will stop me as the only noise is what we are making, but when we are in the living room and the TV is on she doesn't stop me as she doesn't hear it.

So as others have said background noise does help but if you OH still stops you then it may well be the other reason.

Good luck pal

Shes feeling embarrased or some kind of self conscious.... background noise as already suggested is a good start, have you two watched porn together before? Perhaps it would be good for her to see other women and their noisy vagina's in action and actually see for herself that wet vagina's do make noise/squirting and it is perfectly normal.


Perhaps she is telling the truth - perhaps she simply prefers to cum with something of greater girth inside her. Mrs G has this preference so oral is never allowed to go the whole way.

I absolutely love those squelching sounds really turns me on, I just get wetter!

My husband is the same...oral is amazing.... Lucky me.

Ask her how she's feeling... If it's noise pop some tunes on...she may just be wanting more so that noise might be a reminder that she's ready for you.

I can't really offer anymore than has already been said but appear to relate to your OH so thought that I would post.

I am not a fan of the noise, can't explain it (I am a very self conscious person so maybe that is why) I just know that I do not like it and it can put me off. Also, I get very sensitive and it just tickles which does not turn me on at all so that can result in a stop.

I think that you should talk to her again as only she knows (not in the moment though, wouldn't want to kill the mood!) Hope you figure it out and can get past this.

I hate that noise! Definitely a self conscious thing, I know that doesn't bother him though so it's just focusing on that - knowing I have nothing to actually be embarrassed about - that keeps me going 🙈