The 3 date rule?

Soo just out of interest, do we still follow the 3 date rule before sleeping with a potential partner? Or is that too old fashioned now a days?:thinking:

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It’s whenever you’re ready for it but I guess it really depends what you’re after. Some people have a 3 month rule before kissing. I love a good kiss and that could make or break it for me. So for me, I’d not be waiting 3months only to find that their kiss is slobbery. Sex is too important for me to not see if there’s chemistry in the kiss. I wouldn’t be having sex until I knew them better though, whatever length of time that took, if a relationship was the goal.

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“Rules” for dating?
That’s a recipe for disaster and/or disappointment.
I was seeing a girl once for around two months before we slept together, partly because of practicality and other commitments meaning we just didn’t have the opportunity, but also because it just didn’t feel right before then.
She’d been on a previous date where the guy really played the Three Date Rule to the extent he’d booked a hotel and was almost angry when she told him to get lost! Apparently it was taken as read that date number three meant sex. Unbelievable.

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Too old fashioned to be that ridged.

‘When you know, you know’.


It’s right when it’s right… No strict rules to adide by

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OMG… no! It may be a 6 or 12 date rule if not sure. If sparks fly and you are into each other get it on baby. The big issue is trust. Once you have that you are good to go with whatever feels right.

Depended if i liked them enough to date more than once.
Went on a couple of dates that were on date 1 and a few who id been dating for a couple of months etc

3 date rule? My OH must have got it wrong as she put a zero on the end!! Mind you that was over 30 years ago when it started with titting up around 3 dates and took 10 dates to get to fingering!! :grin::grin::grin: Yep paraphrasing Mickey Flanagan there!!

I personally love the idea of it as adds romance to a connection rather than just making it sex but alas modern times have thrown it out the window as people seem to not be able to wait and just like to unwrap everything in one go then get bored and move on to the next package :sweat_smile:

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It’s all up to you as I still consider the woman leads the way with sex - and third date for me would still be fair - personally I would go longer before full sex - on a third date possibly a cheeky feel or wank :lovehoney_heart:


I made my GF wait almost 6 months! I think 3rd date is way too soon.

How would you pass the time on the other two?



We didn’t even wait until the end of the 1st date :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

You do what is right for you. You’ll know when it’s right.


i sleep with a potential partner when I feel good and ready, when the chemistry feels right, and not before. You might be looking at maybe date 6 or 7, but I don’t like to be (and won’t tolerate being) dated six or seven times because that’s the benchmark I’ve set. If I get a whiff that it’s all about the sex and not at all about me, I’m gone.

Hell I think my poor future husband had to wait about four months before I was willing to bang his brains out. I just wanted to be sure it wasn’t all about the sex for him :joy:

What I’m saying is… you decide what’s right for you. Nevermind what’s “right” to others, what’s right for you? :slight_smile:

Good point.

There is also the “friends with benefits” aspect as well.

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I make them wait more than 3 dates​:joy: a month minimum

My first relationship when we were teenagers was 6 weeks. My OH who I meet when in our 50s, it was 3rd date on day 6.

I don’t believe in rules like these as every individual and situation is different. I’ve done both waiting for a really long time and first date sex. In fact when I met my partner I had two FWB, both of whom I’d slept with on first meeting (after a few weeks chatting). As it happened, we did get together on our third day of spending time together, but not because of any rule.

We didn’t really have a date night it was just ment to be a bit of fun but 12 years later we are still together with not many complaints, we knew of eachother but not really had much of a conversation until that night
so I think see how it feels at the time

partner and I went on first date, The chemistry was there. Next date, she instigated sex in a field.

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