The 30,000-Year History of the Sex Toy

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This section on the sex toy market is way behind the LH Forums:

It seems though like there’s this struggle between between taking it seriously but also making it fun and nonthreatening for consumers, but also not infantilizing them either.
There are so many infantilizing toys that look like woodland creatures or cupcakes. There are ones that look like Popsicles and radishes. I’m all for fun in sex toys, but it’s a hard balance to strike. A big part of the problem is the term “sex toy,” because it makes women’s sexuality sound frivolous. A lot of people have been trying to find another term to replace it, but it’s hard. One of the ones we talked about was “pleasure product.”

That seems maybe more embarrassing to say out loud to me. But that’s probably my problem. How does the average person get over their embarrassment over talking about sex toys — or pleasure products — with one another?
Half of Americans say they’ve used vibrators. Knowing that it’s normal should help people get over the embarrassment. But I think the best thing is realizing that we’re okay with talking about Viagra and four-hour erections on national TV. That, to me, is more embarrassing than talking about a sex toy. If we’re willing to talk about male sexuality this way, we should be willing to talk about female sexuality this way. But it’s hard. If you have a hangup about it, it’s hard, or if you were raised to believe masturbation was wrong, it’s difficult to talk about.