The Bleedin' Post

I was awaiting a new box of treats the other day. The postie buzzs to get into the building and I let him/her in. Thinking to myself, "Ooh, will today be the day?". Sadly no. Instead we get some junk mail. I wander off in disgust.
10 Minutes later think "Better divide up the rubbish", so I pick up the mail and there's a note.

"Sorry you weren't in, pick up parcel at this delivery centre etc".

What? Wasn't in? I let you into the building you lazy shite of a postie. You didn't even knock.

I was raging. Picking up box of toys tomorrow.
Anyone had a similiar experience with the good old royal mail? Also thanks to them closing down local post offices I've got to walk 2 miles to my nearest one.

same here i live 3rd floor also top although theres a trade button but when i know hes on the way up stairs awaiting my parcel on several occasions he hasnt even bothered nocking the door he never even took the parcel out of the van it must of been in there i dont know but its really annoying when your waiting on something you really want to try out!

Too right. I need to be there before 12 tomorrow. And as a student I have a duty to not rise out of bed before bars are open, ie 11.

My flatmates are getting suspicious of all the large boxes I keep getting delivered. My excuses are getting pretty lame now.
"Oh, it's just er, it's,'s a box of pants my gran sent me."

Bah graymatter thats nothing! Imagine having to accept 2 or 3 huge boxes of sex goods every week from the postal couriers and if you're not in, having to go to the only sorting office in the island and asking for your boxes, knowing full well that all the posties now know I'm the "sex lady" coming to collect her sexy goods! Jeesh, best of it is I work part-time for the postal service over here! hahah! oh if only the old grannies knew what I did at night! (ps. I am an ann summers party rep, not just some sex-crazed nutjob!)

Royal Mail drive me absolutely insane. Despite me telling them where to leave parcels if nobody is in, they still take them back to the sorting office. Sometimes if I have books delivered, they could get them through the letterbox if they gave a bit of a push, but no. I get about 3 parcels a week I have to collect. I'm normally in Saturdays though so I get them to redeliver!! Then he has to carry them all at the same time, serves him right!! And I tell him AGAIN where he can leave them, but he is clearly a total dumbass.

My dad has now put a box on the outside of the house by the door, so we'll see what happens. Though any big parcels won't fit in it, at least I won't have to keep getting books and stuff redelivered.

And Gray... I have to keep telling my dad my big boxes are DVD boxsets! LOL.

Since when was Good Friday a bank holiday for Royal Mail can I ask? Got a delivery note for something Wednesday (could be any of three things, only one of which is fun lol) so I waited the perscribed 48 hours, then headed down only to find the lazy fucks off work. I'm sure it's never been that way before now. I've always had to do a full days work if I were in at the part time job.

And they deliver at stupid times! 9am I'd be in, 11am I'm not. Tools.

I'm with you on the postman thing. Parcels used to arrive about 7am, we were still in bed and had to get up to sign for them, but unwrapping LoveHoney presents in bed was pretty cool. Now it's about 9am here and we aren't around. Do you think postmen know what "Secret Phrase" means so they can give you a knowing look when you go to sign for boxes?

Ha. Mine wrote he'd called at 8 o'clock. What a joke.
I always wake up if the buzzer goes, or anything makes a noise for that matter.
The posties just don't like lugging boxes about with them.

That's it apparently, especially in towns where they have those funny zimmer frame trollies. They just take the cards out and leave the boxes at the depot apparently. We live in a village and have a nice friendly postie with a van, just a shame he isn't allowed to start early any more.

Ours is a nightmare - they always turn up at 1 in the afternoon. Yet someone sent me something special delivery and it arrived at 8.00 in the morning, just before I was due to leave for work. If everything could arrive at that time, it would be ace.

Though I think I frightened the postman as I still had my dressing gown on, LOL.

Now this is totally off the point but slightly related... anyone outside the UK know how long it usually takes a package to arrive? I'm in Dublin, and I ordered on the 29th April, and still no sign. Starting to get slightly worried as I haven't had an email confirming they received my bank transfer or anything...

Usually the standard 28 days for non-uk isn't it?
Send them an e-mail with your order details, see if they've received payment or can tell you anything.

GAH. I refuse to believe it will take 28 days to get it to DUBLIN.

Sigh. It said 7-9 working days when I ordered, so maybe I'm just being impatient. The boy is back from a two-week work trip on Sunday and I wanted the stuff before he came back :(

Royal Mail are usually pretty good where I am, but the people I really hate are PARCEL FORCE. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!! They are the most dumb, feckless, lazy, jobsworth cowboys I've ever had the misfortune to encounter. And their "customer service" is the same too. Want them to take two months with a 100 mile inland delivery, send it on a round trip tour of the UK, lose it, find it, return it to the sender, change their mind, try to deliver it to the wrong address in the wrong street seven times, return it to the sender, change their mind, return it to their depot, throw it around like a football, ignore it for two weeks, then (and only after extreme threats of violence) actaully deliver it but in several pieces. Take my word for it and keep well clear.
Parcel Farce - We Salute You!


My Daddy used to work for parcel force...

Only as a delivery driver though lol.