The Curse of the Too Tight Vagina

Hi all,

I've very recently started trying vaginal stimulation in addition to clitoral on romantic evenings alone, but as I am very tight - anything wider than an inch or longer than three is a no-go area - I'm having real problems finding a vibrator to suit. Ideally I'd like:

  • That sort of length/width
  • Quite quiet (I have roommates)
  • Clitoral stimulation

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations as to a vibe that might fit the bill?

As a lady who is also rather petite also - I can't recommend glass enough (ok, I know they're more often dildos especially if they're slim) but the firmness makes for easy insertation. The squidgier a toy is, the harder it is to insert.

This is a good place to start it's pretty small and really cheap so you can give it ago without worrying about it not being perfect.

Lh assure us that a "sort by circumferance" is in the pipeline - but other than that, you've just got to keep looking through. There is always a circumferance in the toy info which is handy!

Hope you find what you're looking for :)



im quite new to vibrators, but am also quite petite. recently i bought the its really skinny (the thickness of a regular bullet ) but the length is good for g-spot stimulation. It is really quiet (theres no way my flatmates can hear it) too and the pointed tip is great for clitoral stimulation.

im waiting on a delivery of which is also quite small, so will review that too. as Alicia says, looking at the circumference is also a good idea

I hope you find the perfect toy :)

H x

just realised that the first link didnt work

here it is again , Ammunition RO-150mm Slimline Bullet Vibrator


Thank you very much for your help, both of you - I've heard good things about glass (good to know I'm not driving in the wrong direction there), and the slimline products are particularly helpful.

Here's hoping for a good one!