The End of me wearing flip flops . wide awake in pain.

I've trapped a nerve or pinched it in my right shoulder and it stings like buggery so to speak.

Walking Flint last Sunday throwng sticks in the river for him to swim out and fetch . M wet flip flop slipped. I landed on my Right elbow , every thing seemed OK until 4 days ago when this pain right down my arm started

Hence wide awake.

That sounds bad, but accidents do happen. I hope Flint licked you better 😄

My only suggestion is ibuprofen and a heat pack. The tablets will reduce inflamation as well as relieve the pain. It might be worth getting it checked out properly if it's still painful in a few dats or if it is restricting your movement.

If you awak and bored would Flint not like an early morning run?

Thanks FL Flints had his run chasing a deer in the misty dawn. Had his Biscuit now curled up in his bed. Ha ha is pron to giving a good licking.

Yes I'm doing iburprovr tabs and rub thanks.

Thanks for your thoughts

What type of dog is he? Mutley is a German Shepard, very cute, great eye sight, but sadly not got 2brain cells to rub together poor mut.

Oh I do feel for you ! It is not nice to have a trapped nerve and it can take time to recover!

You will need to rest it and take plenty of painkillers !

Love and hugs xxx

Get it checked GG. The shoulder is a really complicated joint you you could have done allsorts to it.
Impingements are
This is coming from somehow who hurt their shoulder as a teenager and after 15 years of treatment and 3 surgeries now has arthritis and has a full shoulder replacement in their future.

Stupid phone. Should have said that impingements are common after a fall like that. It's where you muscles get inflammed, swell and then trap in your joint. It hurts like you wouldnt believe!!!

Hope you are feet better soon and the pain wears off. If it does carry on for too long a trip to the doctors should be on the cards.

I agree with NN, it could be impingement. My father has problems with it but has found that some special excercises for his shoulders have helped him massively. I would recommend you going to a doctor and from there get the advice to also go to a physiotheraphist. Get well soon :)

Go see the doc, from experience it needs to be sorted just in case the cartilage decides to do a runner. No fun

Ouch sounds painful. Definitely recommend more tlc than usual. Hope you're soon feeling pain free 😄💗xx

Ouch! I hope you're feeling better soon.

Definitely need to avoid flip flops for a while I think!

Oh GG - my turn to send hugs - in abundance xxxxx

Flip flops have never been a favourite of mine - more into high heeled mules!!!!

Hope your shoulder improves quickly for you xxx

Once while in Miami my sister was wearing flip flops on a wet sidewalk made out of stone. She fell and had to get four stitches in her knee, flip flops are bad luck 😮

I don't like flip flops much..... Because my guinea pigs bite my toes !

Your injury sounds much more painful GG......Hugs, hope you soon start to feel a little better.

I've two left feet so can only wear flip flips....

Get well soon GG

I would definitely recommend a trip to your g.p. A few years ago I suffered excruciating pain down my left arm and across my shoulder after straining my neck when turning over in bed while half asleep.After a trip in tears to my g.p. due to the pain I was admitted to hospital to find out I had two slipped discs in my neck.I am still on strong painkillers today for the nerve pain and may face neurosurgery further down the line.So please take my advice and have this checked out even if for no other reason than piece of mind.Big hugs.x

See how you are feeling by the morning, and if still in pain go see the Dr. It could be nothing, it could be something. Look after yourself my love.