The eroticism of the ordinary

How many others on here get turned on by "ordinary " fantasy scenes .?
Example, one of my fantasies is to serve my wife , naked , and for her friend to just “happen” to call in . They are fully clothed in ordinary “street clothes” ( tho they both have riding crops ) and it all takes place in our front room . No dungeons, no pvc/leather , just an ordinary suburban setting .
I just wondered how common this is


A lot of my fantasies were of this type and because they were ordinary rather than exotic they were achievable.

I have very few fantasies left now as we’ve done most of them.

I have a wonderful wife.


One of my many fantasies, normal and otherwise! :wink:

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I’m sure many people share variations of the same sort of fantasies :smiley:


Similar to you here.

One of my partners friends we think is a virgin and we don’t think she’s ever had a boyfriend. She has confidence issues due to her size and is normally shy but when she’s had a drink or two she likes to talk about sex.

A few years ago I picked my OH up from a night out and drove her and said friend up. Her friend was a bit tipsy and said “slave drive us home” in a joking way. Since then I’ve fantasized about being dominated by my OH and her friend and being forced (although wouldn’t take much force from my side!) to take her virginity. I am too ashamed / embarrassed to say this to my OH so to my shame told her I had a dream to this effect. She laughed and said she’d tell said friend! Doubt she did though!


I completely agree with rockstar, this is common because “ordinary” situations are achievable. I see this in my work where people feel guilt and shame because of these situations feeling dirty or taboo. Its quite common to find these daily situations quite erotic.

My example, I find women dressed in very simple dress clothes almost irresistible. A simple pair of heels, skirt and sweater… Im done, lol. My wife in her work boots after working in the garden, she needs a shovel to fend me off.

Enjoy and have some fun with it if you have the chance.