The first time together

I remember the first time I had an orgasm together with my girlfriend. We had just finished making oral love and getting dressed up because she had to catch a train. I remember I stared caresing her again over her pants...she started smiling and saying she had to go but I kissed her...we kept going a little more and more till we were so hot me started rubbing each others sexes...when we realized be had to finish we could not even get out of our clothes and came over the inside of our pants...needless to say she missed her train!

My first time with my boyfriend was on the sofa I was dressed in a silky dressing gown and nothing else when he walked in it conveinintly fell of we had sex on the sofa in the bath and in the bed heaven!

ooh i'll reprise this post. my first time with my now ex was the best session of my life... we didn't make it through the door to my flat when he started kissing me, pushed me up against the wall and things got heated. i loved the feeling of being helpless and being pushed against the wall, i loved the passion of the moment. we had sex up against the hallway wall, on the hallway floor and over and over, got carpet burns that bled and have now scarred my back and his knees......
it was so unbelievably sexy, the fact he wanted me that much. we spent the next three days in a sex haze on the sofa, it was amazing.

The first time with the current bloke we weren't yet an established couple, and were both a little tipsy, after a house party, where drunk me had commented to someone that 'I'm sorry I plan on shagging that guy *points to bloke*' and the guy I'd been saying that to went over and asked why the bloke 'hadn't shagged the girl in the red skirt yet?' (or words to that effect).

So at the party, we spent a good while upstairs snogging and fondling (everyone assumed shagging, but no not there lol) then when we got back to his house it was a case of fall on bed; remove clothes; shag; sleep like the dead.

Not the best way to do it, but it worked- bout a week later he finally asked me out (we'd been fooling round for just over a month then) and the sex I'm getting currently is the best of my life :)

The first time with my current beau was bizarre and wonderful... having met months previously online, he had started seeing someone but we remained friends, meeting up in real life for friendly pints and the like, all the time flirting.

He eventually broke up with his gf and we arranged to meet "for sex"... but we both knew that it was more than that. He picked me up on his way home from a night out in a taxi and we went back to his place. Drank beers and sat of the sofa, both nervous as we'd never even kissed before! I made the first move... beer was spilled, we didn't care.

After what seemed like hours of kissing and undressing on the sofa, he led me to bed and did me seven ways from Sunday :D

And we did it all over again in the morning!

The first time with my current partner was on the couch in her apartment. We had been flirting with each other for a few months at work. The sexual tension was high and we were drinking some beers, so my inhibitions were lessening by the bottle. So were hers! We started out by kissing and petting for quite a while. We then tore each others clothes off and spent the entire night making love to each other. When the sun came up I was disappointed, by exhausted. We have spent many nights since making love the entire night.

Now grlfriend what are your thoughts re home videos fnarr fnarr !!!!!

I haven't tried a home video yet, but would love to! has many home videos and I really get off looking at those, so I'm sure I'd really get off watching myself. Maybe I'll try it soon.

The first time was with my current partner and it was the 1st time we made love. We had been together for a month and we were both so horny. We wanted to make it special so we booked into a hotel so we could have breakfast in bed etc. It was absolutely magical beyond belief.

As soon as we were in the room we started kissing passionately and undressing each other..... the rest was a blur apart from the most amazing orgasm

12 hours later we decided we needed to eat... getting out of bed to shower we noticed the curtains were open but only half of the window had net curtains on the other window had the net curtain pushed back and the window was open. That would have been only half as bad if the building facing was not the office where I worked and to add insult to injury - I am not the quietest person in the world!!