The gift that keeps on giving

Im currently in a long distance relationship and for my birthday my Other half sent me a pair of her pants. I keep feeling that i should reciprocate but do girls really find it quite as sexy receiving a pair of sticky boxers???

No. Really just no.


I'm sure you could reciprocate with something else.
Send her a dirty picture or something...

Well we are not in a long distance relationship but we do like swapping our underwear

I love it when she gives me her thongs with her love juices on them from me turning her on

She loves my underwear aswell she loves the smell of me...

What i do sometimes is put them in a jiffy bag with her name on it and our address and when the post comes through the door i leave the jiffy bag with the rest of the post. its just something different

I vote no not really, as the cliche goes : women are not as visually stimulate as men. so looking at your panties may make her think you're trying to get your washing done on the sly, rather than getting her horny. But then I dont know, she might really like you to reciprocate the gesture. Have you tested this hypothesis by hinting? If they were clean it might feel quite hot to wear them. Think it depends on the woman really.

Im pretty much against sending her lingere back as if i get the size wrong an uber sexy gesture becomes a fast track to singledom. Its just very frustrating being the guy in a long distance relationship. Whenever you try to act sexy you look perverted!

I am voting for Happycampers brilliant idea..!

Well, if she sent you a pair, it should have a size on it...

I think dirty photos and texts can go a long way- I loved getting a midafternoon photo journal of my boyfriend wanking to a fantasy before coming home for us to play it out. Yum!

The webcam is a life saver. Shes against dirty photos as she see's it as seedy but a webcam cant be surprise sexiness like im after. Unfortunatley shes put on some weight since that pair arrived (last year of american college) so i have no idea what size to get

What about sending her a nice vibrator..(if shes into them)..and then she can show you how it works on the webcam..

..and next time you see her you can sneak a peak at her clothes size and send her the right size sexy thong sex time..

sex time! i meant next time lol

lol. Ive already sent her a vibrator which she really enjoyed *though i wasnt allowed to watch :( * Unfortunately thats broken and just sending her a new one shows more lack of imagination than raw sexual lust. (i am after the raw sexual lust angle as 8 months without sex turns any man into a blob of testosterone and pent up semen)

I love Happycampers idea Think i might steal that idea

We love wearing each others worn underwear aswell as just keeping it in our pocket

She's not going to have put on ~that~ much weight since you last received a pair of her panties, surely?

Check the label and get one size bigger and in a style that's nice and stretchy (if she's put on weight, you might want to avoid thongs, try some sexy French~cut panties instead)! Just remember that US sizes differ from UK sizes by 1 (or is it 2??) - which would work to your advantage as well.

Try playing the "intimacy" card, rather than the "sex" one.

You could try sending her one of your t~shirts (spray it with a little of your aftershave or cologne if it's a smell she'll recognise because scent is the sense that evokes the most memories) with the panties and tell her how hot she'd look just wearing your oversized t~shirt and her new undies!

mmm i like the t-shirt idea! and defo agree with the scent evoking memories thing - i bought some original fairy liquid today and as i was doing the washing up, it reminded me of being at uni!! i've used a different scented one since then, not that i havent done any washing up since 2003!

Also agree with the scent of my g/f clothes same goes for her aswell

Sometimes i like to masturbate wearing one of her tops Mmmmmm

Or ill have her nightdress wrapped around my cock while i masturbate

Or her thongs wrapped around my cock

Sometimes i just like holding her items while im masturbating

Other times when i dont want to masturbate i just hold her and smell her tops/underwear etc

Well I'm glad you enjoy holding your girlfriend as much as her clothes Jezzer :P j/k

The tshirt idea is a great one. I always sleep in the blokes tshirt when I'm away from him. It's like a hug lol. And since your girlf isn't sex mad then its a sweet gesture not an overbearingly kinky one.

Thats actually an awesome idea thanks guys!! I shall get a tshirt wear it a day or so, douse it in my aftershave and send it. The Orgasm Army saves the day!

You guys should fight crime or something

Yeah the t-shirt is a really good idea! I love stealing my partners t-shirt to wear when he's not around. You guys are right this is a sweet and sexy gesture. Also if you're in a long distance relationship then thats the kind of thing you really miss. As for wanking into your partners clothes...i hope you have her permission?! lol, I'm kidding, but seriously if I came home to find all my clothes spunk-coated I'd be pretty upset. Oh well...each to their own.