The LH Mini Wand…need recommendations for full size one…

Woweee just received this in the post this morning, it may be small but it certainly packs a punch, a teeny bit loud but cannot wait to try it later along with my new LH lubes, are all the LH wands this loud?

Which full sized ones do you recommend?


Not right now but in the very near future

When you say full sized, do you mean a larger rechargeable or a full size mains powered?

I have a few rechargeables and my favourite of them is the Mantric. The vibrations are really deep, rumbly and penetrating which is the type I love, it’s completely waterproof and easy to use for both me and my OH. The controls could be a bit more comprehensive but I’ll forgive it for those for perfect vibes.

We also have a couple of mains powered. The Doxy Die Cast is the only one that gets used and that’s far less often than the Mantric as it’s a bit more of a job to get it out, set up and use it. Don’t get me wrong it is an absolute power house and for a full bondage set up it’s amazing but for a quick release or regular sex the Mantric wins out.

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Yeah rechargeable or mains

Thanks for you help :blush:

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It is :joy:

I would go for the mains powered Love honey Wand. Normally about £60 I think. Well worth the money

I’ve not mentioned it since, he may use one if I actually do it to him, we’ll see

I have the lovenhoney wand great toy never fails to.make me cum