The LH promise "upload your photo and win £100 of lingerie!" - true or false?

I've uploaded quite a few pics of me wearing various LH purchases and I've never seen them on the product page. Nearly 4 years ago I reviewed some sheer stripey stockings and the photo I uploaded was featured but has since disappeared.

Just wondering if this "promise" is actually legit as I haven't seen any personal pics lately outside the gallery and profiles. Has anyone actually won £100 worth of lingerie???

It is legit.
Head over to the blog and look for model of the month.

My friend won runner up for model of the month this month,got her points and spent them on goodies.Everything's legit. Just because you uploaded a few photos and didn't get picked,is no reason to doubt the game.There are also some rules on the images,when you click on the ''upload an image'' on the ''member photos'' menu.Check those out,too.

If you look in the blog section you will see 'Model of the month' where people are selected to win £100 in the form of a lovehoney voucher, or runners up get Oh! Points. I haven't uploaded pictures of lingerie, but I do know people who have and who have won the £100.

There is also 'Review of the Month' where people can win £100 or runners up get Oh! Points. I have won runner up, and I have won the full £100 prize. I got an email from Lovehoney with my voucher, and could spend it immediately on the site.

Lovehoney is not the type of company that would mislead it's customers into thinking that they could win something when they can't.

You also have to remember that hundreds of pictures are uploaded each month, and the month that you upload your picture is the only time you can win this prize. So any old pictures you've uploaded won't be eligible anymore, but any future pictures you upload could win for Model of the Month in line with the month that you upload the picture.

For example, the last set of pictures you uploaded were from October 2013, so you would have been entered into Model of the Month for October, but not any other Model of the Month blog entries after that time.

Having your photos featured on the relevant product page has nothing to do with Model of the Month. Those photos generally tend to be ones which show off the outfit really well so that they're actually useful to potential buyers.

Also, you do realise you won the runner up prize of 2,000 Oh points back in October, right? So how can you doubt the whole thing? You can't expect every picture you upload to win, most of the winning photos tend to be professional so you really would need to submit something incredible.

I've been lucky enough to get runner up for Model of the Month twice, but trust me - so many people upload amazing images, not everyone can win!

Ah..... I honestly admit I have never looked at the blog... oops. I guess that explains that!! And no I had no idea I'd won runner up back in October, I figured that if any members won anything it would be like getting selected to review (getting emailed by LH).

Cheers for the info!

Enjoy spending those Oh!points from October :P

i have had a friend win model of the month.

True I won in Jan or Feb this year and have won runneer up many times its legit , had fun spending my winnings and points tooo

"Upload your photo and win £100 worth of lingerie" (if that's the exact wording, I haven't seen it) is like many competitions/offers quite misleading.

What that heading actually means is that if you upload your photo, you will win lingerie.

What it SHOULD say is "Upload your photo and you may win £100 worth of lingerie".

As I say, I haven't seen it. But if it states exactly what your OP quotes, and you haven't won anything in spite of uploading photos, then no it's not legit.

The wording is:

"Upload a photo and you could win £100 of sex toys, lingerie and sexy costumes"

That's fine then.

Like I said, I had only the OP to go on as I hadn't read it myself.

Had the OP [edit: been able] to quote it correctly we would all have known!

I won MOTM a couple of years ago and the picture I posted is still on the product page. You win a voucher worth £100 to spend on whatever you want, it's great! I don't see how you could think it was misleading... It's very generous if you ask me, and shows how much LH appreciate their customers.