The Live Chat Team

Massive heads up to the live chat team!!

I received an email this morning say a free product is on its way for me to review (yay!). Then it occurred to me that the last time I recieved this email I never actually recieved the product. So I jumped onto the live chat to check my postal address, which was correct.

It turns out my last free product had obviously slipped through the cracks in the 'out for delivery' stage. A member of the team was more than happy to sort this for me and now (hopefully) I shall be recieveing that product as well as my new one! It's gonna be a busy weekend ;)

The live chat team are super, always so helpful :)

Congrats on the tester products - what do you get to play with? :D Hope you have loads of fun x

Bondage Boutique Leather Leash which I am super excited about! Me and my partner have recently bought a collar and have been saying we need a leash to go with it, so this is perfect!

YAY Lovehoney are amazing! Hope you have lots of fun hun! :)

Eeek, I'm excited! Thanks guys :)