The male contraception pill

Just curious- who would trust their partner to take it?

This is not me slighting men- when it comes to sex they may be great. But my boyfriend has all on to remember to take the bins out once a week...

There's no way I'd trust a man to take it. Which is why man man's had the snip .... idiot-proof!!!

No we're crap at remembering, it's common knowledge!!!!!

Snip Snip for my Hubby too since he's incapable of finding clean socks by himself, wouldn't want to overburden the poor love.

Perhaps if SKY issued the male pill - they could program a delivery system via the skybox and the viewing planner, that way blokey wouldn't have to remember.
Although, thinking about it, unless it also came with a robotic delivery system right to the sofa with a can of lager, still wouldn't be idiot proof enough for most.

Yeah, but the robot would also have to open their mouth, shove the pill in, and massage their throat till they swallowed.

Oh of COURSE!!! That's why men get married - so they can leave their brains on the front doormat when they come home.

As a man, I would like to strongly protest about the above slanderous comments.
I am the proud father of 32 children & have been on the 'Man Pill' for the last 33 years.
Anybody seen the TV remote ????

Am actually amazed there isn't much (well- any!) male ego brused comments of 'yes we bloody could!' yet.

I generally have to remind my gf to take her pill, so I feel I could manage the male equivalent.

It would also mean she wouldn't have to take hers, and could stop worrying about bloating and being moody etc.

I wouldn't have a problem, I am sure I could remember. It might make me worry at the wrong moment though and run off to the medicine cabinet to check. I think the consequences of a man not remembering are more risky though. We are as potent any time of the month (I think!) so the risk is always great. With women there are times in the month where they have a greater or lesser risk of getting pregnant so the chances of forgetting on your most fertile days are less.

Some of us are so bloody fertile we get pregnant while we're on the pill .... grrrrr! (That's why hubby had the snip, BTW.)

Nope would not trust him, he couldnt even remind me to take my pill before i had the coil fitted
now a male implant...

There's no chance I'd remember to take something an a regular basis. I'm one of these people who has 100 things wizzing round their head at any one time. Although I do a pretty good job not having ADD, I do find it hard to remember certain things due to too much going on in my head :(

Well.... u are so right :)

But as long as u stick it to a can of beer or into ur underwear guys shouldnt forget.

I'm with Crayola on this one, we're crap at remembering stuff like that, it would never work, unless it was on an arm patch you could stick on. But what if it came off during the night and stuck onto someone else, and you woke up next to someone with a hairychest and deep voice !!!..( that's assuming you are a bloke in the first place of course!!!),


Depends on the man I think , I know my partner would be fine, I had to put a post it on the door of the toilet and bread bin to remember to take mine. Since I can't take it atm due to blood pressure problems it would be good to have an alternative otherwise Sirius is off to have the snip too.

and yes I know condoms exist but I don't trust them 100% although we are using them atm,

lol I have to set an alarm on my mobile to remind me to take mine, but I do get obsessive about stuff like this. I have to take it at exactl 10pm or I get worried, which I know is ridiculous lol. But still- better to be overly cautious than underly!

Oh no not the snip Frenchie!!!


wouldnt trust a man in a casual relationship, but married for years maybe , but i would have to remind him, dont think its a good idea, wouldnt want my body to be anyone elses response but mine besides he cant even open a tin of beans unless it has a ring pull

A few days of putting up with a little discomfort from the snip was a small price to pay as far as I was concerned...