The most pointless sex toy contest....

Anybody ever found the need for one of these? Got to be the most unromantic thingy available.

Oh dear... I think I'd piss myself laughing if a guy tried to seduce me wearing one of those things... and let's face it, even a light wouldn't help some guys hit the spot! Maybe a big sign?

I don't know... I'm thinking a black tux, Daniel Craig lookalike, oral sex light, shaken or stirred madam?? definately stirring Daniel, definately stirring!!!

Finally an end to the Dark Ages!!!

If it came with a canary it wouldn't be half as sexy.

Ha ha..... and a miner's helmet maybe!!!!

LOL that really is brilliant! Don't see it catching on though.

LOL - oh dear! I always have the lights on anyway!

So do we, of a fashion, it's a friendly little sodium lamp that lives in the road outside !!!

I can't see this thing selling much, we will probably find LoveHoney sending them out as freebies for review in a few weeks!

Well I'm glad to say with a little coaxing, the bloke can find my clit in the dark, so would have no need for this. But the only way I can see it being sexy is the 007 style seduction idea. If he had other gadgets to accompany it. And perhaps a blindfold...

I might get one for a DJ friend. He often has to try and use a little torch to read what his LPs are in the gloom of a club.
This would be a lot simpler.

*falls over laughing* I could never take any man seriously if he were using that.

Somebody is having a laugh Happycamper, find a thing, invent a way in which it can be used for sex and charge more for it.

Get this,Music-accessories,Tuning-fork get the same or similar for £1.00, can't be true can it?

I found an inflatable Abdominal situp wedge in Tesco, £14.99 It is same size as The Wedge on Lovehoney though granted it is a good deal less posh. I recon it it was sold as a sex toy with a naked girl on the label it would go for £30.00 easily.

Ooh, I see the start of a budget alternative sex toys collection here! What say we buy, repackage and make a million!

To be combined with the Oral Sex Light...

You are winding us up Richard....Aren't you?

These things make me so happy, I used to think I was a weirdo.

okay okay its not a sex toy technically but it is one of the most pointless things for a guy (or girl i guess) to spend 6.99 on, RRP 14.99!!
I mean what happens when you wear it on a hot date and things go well! do you slip off to the loo to remove your 'bulge'? I dont get why people buy these things, or chicken fillets, or even padded bras. If its not you when you take it off then the very person you wore it to impress is going to be unimpressed, why not try to be happy with what you've got?

note it also says 'swim protector' on the err packet. come on, thats just a lie!