The sex suprise box

Heylo, Has anyone ever ordered the sex xuprise box from pabo? Its on offer and was thinking about getting it, but would like to know the general contents of it. Please help xxxxx

I can't say I've tried the pabo one but my eyes keep wandering to's suprise bargain sex parcels. The cheapest one is £20 with a £50 value and there are more expensive ones too. There are loads of good reviews for them (I have used the website a couple of times so I have no doubts these are genuine) so I'm gonna give it a go myself on payday I think!- if anyone has info on this, that would be nice :) Also, they do reduced packs of two or three on bondage, sex toys, vibes etc if you were looking for something more specific. Dunno if this helps. Enjoy x

Hehe I used to order from pabo before we found lovehoney, such a set of crooks :O half my toys came not working and other such horried things... Any way the question asked (be it so long ago) yes I have bought the suprise boxes, the first one was what we bought with our first order, there are a mixture of things in a mini vibe thats just like the Doc Johnson iVibe Pocket Rocket Mini Vibrator, a french tickler, a amature porn video (it was funny becasue at the end the guy shoots his load in her mouth and she looks inpressed, but as the camera fades she pulls a DISCUSTED face) bum beads and a penis pump ^_0 so any way thats what we got, we bought the giant one i thnk its called, it comes in a red box with little gold love hearts on it..

Hi anyone up yet?

we brought the smaller evrsion of the suprise box (the cheaper one lol) as not knowing what to expect, we got a cock ring, bum beads, 4 inch vibrator that was so hard and loud it only got used onceand a few other caccy things that i dont even remeber it was that bad word of advise do not get one u will be very dissapointed!

i have not ordered the box but have placed an order with pabo back in march and i have only recieved one of my items and we paid by debit card too we are so angry with the company and are seeking legal advise.

I also ordered some stuff from Pabo back in March and have have only recieved one of the items I paid for so far. I did recieve a note with the first parcel explaining the delay and seeing as the first order took so long I am still hopeful the rest will arrive sometime. (I shan't be holding my breath.)

But I won't ever be ordering from Pabo again.

The rest of my order arrived. And actually the catalogue was so interesting and the sale included so many bargains I've actually put in another order.

But I won't be holding my breath till the stuff arrives. Hopefully it will be a pleasant surprise when I get the parcel.

OMG can not believe it took 4 months to arrive! That is crazy and you're going to reorder? I hope the products are worth it! What did you get from them that you couldn't get elsewhere?

It wasn't the whole four months before my order arrived. It actually took about two and a half months and I realise that is disgraceful by lovehoney's standards - I've never had a parcel take longer than 2 days from lovehoney - but pabo are supplying R18 DVDs. And they managed to send me what they call the 'sexy single male' or a 'Latex softee multi-speed stimulator' which is just like my first all time fave the Paul Backskin vibrator. (

And they have got some incredible bargains in their sale.

And although I'd much prefer to only ever do business with reputable companies like lovehoney and Ann Summers life would be very dull if we never took any risks.

omg i thought of ordering from my friends pabo catologue but reading your reviews i have thought better of it i have been to my local sex shop angels and the lady gives great advice on products so im not ript off xxx

Pabo keep harassing me now, when I was about 16 I sent off for their free thong lol sad I know, and now they keep sending me horrible 80's looking catalogues but, they say that this one is going to be the last and final one... never bloody is!!

i done the same misskitten (sent of 4 the free thong) then got monthly catalouge
touch wood not had a catalouge for a few months now

why go anywhere else when theres sales like this and they arrive in 24hrs most the time

Second the above! I heard lovehoney I've always got my stuff within a couple of days of ordering and it's now one of my fave sites hehe

Lovehoney is brilliant. I've only ordered from one other site, and had a bit of an annoying experience (part of my order was missing, and I had to send one of the toys back for replacement [which took ages] as it was faulty). The only way I'll ever order from somewhere other than Lovehoney again, is if they don't have a product I've seen elsewhere that I REALLY want.

I can't type :(

^ was meant to be heart lovehoney not heard

cant beat love honey, I ordered a toy and got it by the next day :S lol i was shocked in a good way !!

oh plus.. i have had 3 freebies from lovehoney to review.. pabo dont do that!!

We also used to buy from pabo The surprise package was a way of dumping old lines and poor quality stuff Better to give it away like lovehoney do when you spend over a certain amount.
Also the delivery times are unexcusable.
Lovehoney would have to burn down my house to get me to buy from anywhere else now days. I cant believe some of you are still using pabo. Don't you like good service? Or is it the suspense factor?
Also we felt a lot of pabo goods were trashy