The stamp of approval , from the queen !

Morning all ! 

So some of you may be aware we at Lovehoney have been awarded ...

The queens award for enterprise

"The Queen's Awards for Enterprise are the UK's most prestigious business awards, given only to companies or individuals who are outstanding in their field."

So as you can imagine we are chuffed to bits . 

This is the reason for mine and Jess's groggy heads last week as we had a right royal knees up , with a 'piss up in a brewery' to celebrate. 

Thank you all for helping us acheive this , with out our loyal customers there would be no Lovehoney heart

Well done everyone!

Any special limited edition 'Union Flag' inspired toys in the pipeline to celebrate?

"Union Jack Hammer" perhaps? No?

"Union Jack Rabbit"?

"Royal 'Blue' Collection"?

These toys would be so popular they would make us all (win)sore and be LH's crowling glory!

God Bless the Queen!


Huge Congratulations guys! 🎉🎉🎉

Congratulations lovehoney. Fully deserved. 🎉

Congrats Lovehoney :) it's not just the customers though, it's one slick operation you've got running there!

Congratulations Lovehoney, well deserved 😊🎉

I don't think the Queen ever thought her award would go to a company selling sex toys 😂
Great job guys, congratulations! Lovehoney is 100 times better than the best shop in Sweden :)

Yay, I just saw the celebratory discount email and felt so proud of you! An amazing company and I am so honoured to be a part of (even though only as a client) what you represent!

Truly proud of you and here's to many more achievements to come! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve it!

PS: though I'm not British, I would definitely buy Union Jack themed items!!! ;)

Congratulations Lovehoney! I hope you all had a great time celebrating, you all work so hard, well deserved! x

Well done and much deserved !

Wow ! This is such an honour. You must all feel so proud, and rightly so ! xx

Couldn't have gone to a more deserving ompany, huge congratulations! :)

A very well deserved award.Congratulations.

Congratulations, the recognition is well deserved 😊

Well done. You so deserve it 💖

Wow congratulations lovehoney! Hope you all enjoyed celebrating!

Maybe Lovehoney will have to produce a sex toy in the Queen's honour. My suggestion would be "The Rampant Corgi".

Congratulations, Lovehoney! Did you send the queen a Lovehoney hamper to say thanks?

Well done! Huge congratulations Lovehoney!!!!

Well done Lovehoney!! Congratulations to everyone! xx