The Unthinkable...

So my OH and I are moving rooms around at the moment to make some space. We've been clearing a lot of stuff we don't use but I think it's went too far. When I was in the other room she dumped our bag of toys we've gathered (95%+ from Lovehoney) and sent it to the skip. Magically the only thing out of all the toys we've bought in our 10+ years that survived the sweep of doom is her favourite vibrator! All my stuff gone

Anyone else ever had this happen? How did you react?

It hasn't happened to me, but I would be really angry if someone threw out all my stuff without asking me.

How horrible! I'd like to see the faces on any garbage men who might catch a glimpse inside that bag though.

But just think about all that free space you have for new toys now! Definitely an excuse to treat yourself, it would be the only thing that would comfort me in your situation.

I think my next purchase would be a spank paddle and show her my displeasure at her over zealous spring clean of the boudoir.

I would lose my sh!t so bad if my partner did that to me!

I would go ballistic if my OH chucked out my stuff without asking !

woah! sounds painful!

Definitely agree to get a paddle as your first new purchase!

It's also a good opportunity to replenish the 'stock room' as it were with maybe some of your old favourites, but also a chance to look forward to new stuff as well

That would be an argument in our house! Not acceptable, especially as she only kept her favourite.

Luckily, there are lots of offers around at this time of year so you can start rebuilding your collection. I don't know if you're ever used Tenga Eggs but there are a few in the sale at the moment :)

Well I think if this happened I would be bit annoyed as you spend good money on these toys only to through them out. If they were broken i would understand but if they were still working i would ask why did you do that? Mebe you should as your partner why he put in the skip?

I would ask if it was intentional or an accident, and if it was intentional then why would she do that.

Scorpius12 wrote:

I would ask if it was intentional or an accident, and if it was intentional then why would she do that.

+1. I would be so upset if my partner did that intentionally, but if it was an accident they'd feel as bad as me.

At least you get to go shopping, eh? Could be an excellent time to point out that your toys do not count as 'stuff we don't use', if she thinks that is the case. After 10 years I'm sure a lot of the items needed replacing anyway, you'll likely find much better items now :)

Sxleksaker wrote:

It hasn't happened to me, but I would be really angry if someone threw out all my stuff without asking me.


Not suffered from this but have had to take a box of old toys to the dump before - we were moving house and had a big clear out of stuff we no longer used. Our local facility is busy and well staffed all of them keen to suggest which section the items go in, i did not ask for advice for this particular box of stuff and walked very briskly to the relevant area. The biggest issue is that the box containing the toys went in a different section meaning I had to empty the contents and then take the box elsewhere, dont think anyone saw but did not hang around long enough to find out.

Well... I would be very upset if there were toys I was using.

My question is does she resent the toys in any fashion or does she not like you using them? This may be cause for a discussion between you two that may be enlightening to you.

Sorry been off forums. We were doing a spring clean while changing rooms, reason was they were kept in a bag under the bed and had got too dirty, her fav she kept in a drawer. Had some big cash outs as well as usual Christmas stuff but just spied a few items in the St Valentine's sale and it's pay day soon!

I don't think she resented any of the toys but she's hit or miss with the fact I occasionally (few times a year maybe) enjoy using some anal toys but I had sleeves and rings too so that couldn't be only reason.

Refresh the old Favourites :P

I would demand blowjobs for a week... Then do something about the toys

Oh no! Really sorry to hear this. At least its a good opportunity to spice things up again, get some new things, and maybe pop them somewhere safer this time! :)