The word - panties

Totally agree and you’ve been so helpful & supportive the last thing I want to do is upmost or annoy you by using inapropriate or ‘icky’ terms. Happy to be well educated :blush:

Mid 50’s kiwi :briefs::nerd_face:

Don’t have a problem with panties - we use it as a naughty word. Just used it when picking up a pair of the wife’s of the floor. “I’ll pick up your dirty panties you naughty girl!”

Knickers is the everyday word when referring to ladies underwear. And for some reason trollies for boxers!

‘I’m wearing pants today’ is slightly less sexy than a used teabag.

‘I’m wearing panties today’ opens up a whole world of naughty possibilities.


Sorry to all those who hate ‘panties’.
It still has a place I’m afraid.

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As mentioned above we are a bit of a diverse mob, even if it is UK based, we are still all ages and cultures. Commonly used words can also be associated with when/where you grew up. I tend to go with Jocks for guys and Undies for girls for everyday use. If wanting to be a little more sexual would use knickers for girls.

When I was a child we would also say girls wore panties, not sure I would say the same thing now, thinking its because over time a its use has changed.

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When i am a Sissy it’s panties.Rest of the time as i travel further down the road to femininty it’s knickers.My feminine side is now most of the time as it feels so right for me and makes both wife and i incredibly happy.

@WonderDownUnder and I’ll never forget my reaction when one of my “rellos”, during a visit to Oz, suggested I wear “thongs” for a trip to the beach!!

As someone with a larger than average collection of female underwear / outfits . I’m very much in the ‘ word ‘panties’ gives me the ick camp :rofl:

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So if someone said to you that you had moist panties, it would tip you over the edge. So sorry that were on a plate I had to take it.

Let me apologize , American here . I do not know why exactly , but for some reason knickers annoys me along with boxers . Here is the definition of the calf length garment more often worn as a form of pants .
In the 1920s, women could wear knee-length bloomers or knickers while playing sports, though even this purposely use of traditionally men’s clothing didn’t protect women from drawing negative attention.
And boxers for me just describe ill fitting , sloppy men’s underwear that bunches up if active .
Licking pussy to me means litely licking sweet lips , where eating means aggressively tonguing and nibbling .
For me the worst in my whole life that ass cheeks have been referred to as bum , and if I understand in Briton they call a vagina a bum ?
Another word that the first time I heard it confused me . Was trying to make time with a couple of young ladies and thought I was doing OK . They asked if I wanted to get pissed ? I wondered why in the hell would want to get angry ? Or were they talking a golden shower , pretty forward for having just met them .
International word play , can keep you guessing .
Non sex related , but as a retired machinist for aircraft it drives me crazy when I hear an European reporter or anyone else refer to aluminum as aluminium .
I guess at international orgies it would be best to notify participants what words are bothersome to a person .

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'Masterbate" irks me!

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Im guessing your an aussie haven’t heard that term for ages

I agree 100 percent on this

Surprised they didn’t say g banger

@batjamboree …i agree regarding moist. Personally i prefer absolutely soaking :smile:

a) Britain not Briton! A Briton is a person native to Great Britain.
b) No. Where on Earth did you get that? Vagina, pleasure hole with the fun G-spot bit; Bum, the two round fleshy bits at the back that’re good for smacking.

Saying it and spelling it the correct way, you mean? :rofl:

Even in the US they were both used, -ium more frequently than -um in scientific papers until Webster’s Dictionary, published in 1828, omitted the -ium spelling because Noah Webster didn’t like it.
The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry officially adopted Aluminium as the correct spelling in 1990. Just you guys in North America who like your own spelling now.

100% agree! :joy::+1:


Knickers is just underwear imo panties is more specific lol

I can’t think of any that piss me off atm. Hmm. I know they’re out there

I mean if meaning is conveyed ok it’s a waste of time to talk about grammar for me but I’m not turned on by petty confrontation or something :face_with_hand_over_mouth::rofl:

Getting pissed in the north of England is going out to get drunk :joy:. As well as what @Peitho saying too :joy::joy:

Anyway hope you had a good thanksgiving :turkey::wink:


Sorry, I’m confused, who is turned on by petty confrontation? The point of @Oldman 's very astute international orgy suggestion is to avoid this petty confrontation and hence avoid people being turned off by it. I think it’s an excellent idea for international orgy orchestration.

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