Things you'd love your OH to do but you know they would never do it?

As the title says,
I love piercings, my Wife has a few and did seriously consider having her nipples pierced once but unfortunately talked herself out of it due to experiences she read on the Internet.
Frustratingly there’s on piercing I really love but I know she would never consider it so I don’t even bother mentioning it and it’s the nasal septum piercing!! Really don’t know why I love it but think the ring through the nose looks so god damned sexy!!
What about you guys? Anything you’d like your OH to do but you know they’d never do it?


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Would love to watch the wife go down on another woman. That one’s strictly for the fantasy bank though as although she likes watching lesbian porn she has no desire to get active that way herself.



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Saw this and asked my OH if there was anything he’d love me to do that he thinks or knows I wouldn’t do. He hmm’d a little and said he’s pretty certain I’d do anything and everything, then very quickly turned around having had a lightbulb moment… “choosing what to have for dinner every night.” :woman_facepalming:t3:


@Yes_man Got a few things. First though I’ll say that some are a hard “no” for now but she could change her mind later on. I’ve seen that a couple times now in our several years of marriage. Some things though I’m sure I’d be lucky to not get slapped in addition to the “no” lol
Some things right off the top of my head are:

  1. BDSM Mistress. Even if she ever gave me a ‘yes’, I don’t think she’d be enjoying it so much as she would be doing it because I asked and that would take nearly all of the pleasure out of it for me. Though if her “Mistress switch” ever flipped on, it would be a whole new world of awesome :wink:
  2. Nipple and clit hood piercings. The nipple piercings could be bargained for. OH has always wanted a tattoo and has been asking me if she can get one. I may dip into my naughty side and try to make getting her nipples pierced a stipulation :wink:
  3. Anal. But I knew that going into the relationship so I’m not feeling bad about that.
  4. Nipple needle play. I’d ensure my will and life insurance were up to date before even asking :grimacing:
  5. Me being spanked. OH enjoys neither giving nor receiving pain.
  6. Very very recently been enjoying the fantasy of hotwifing/cuckolding. Love the thought of being forced to wear a cage but don’t think I’d enjoy my wife being with another guy outside of fantasy. Would be up for either a FFM or MMF threesome though. For MMF I wouldn’t enjoy anything sexual with the guy but I seriously love the thought of having multiple of my wife’s holes simultaneously stuffed. Wildly sexy thought for me in real life. For FFM I could do some sexual touching of the other woman but I would not want to make my wife feel like she’s being pushed aside. My big FFM fantasy is my wife enjoying the other woman while she’s enjoying me. But she has less than zero desires for women so that would really be a hard ‘no’. Being honest I also have no desires for guys but I could be so dirty for a trans. Having her use me orally or anally would be so amazing! Yeah… There’s a lot here I could dwell on :slightly_smiling_face:
    That is about all I have time for at the moment. And about all I can think of for now. Great question. Fun to think about. Though I feel like some people only anticipate a ‘no’ and might be able to have what they want but miss the opportunity because they are too afraid to bring it up. I include myself in this category as well.

Her rimming me.

I’ve managed to get her to let me rim her and she really enjoys it but she’s said repeatedly that the couldn’t bring herself to do it to me.

I can live with that though considering all the other changes she has made for me.


@rockstar Just a thought, would you consider waxing back there if needed? Also how about after a shower and an enema?

It may be easier for her to mentally get on board if she starts (with you on your back) with a bj and ball play and works her way to your taint. Once comfortable, even if it takes a few sessions, you can have her try work her way down to magic land.

May or may not be easier if she wears a blind fold or closes her eyes. Also ensuring there are no unpleasant scents present is key.

If all goes well she could totally desire you FDAU in all your glory. Of course I fully get not pushing and if she’s already expressed not wanting to it’s probably good not to keep bringing it up.

Should she ever seem open to discussing it however, I figured I’d leave you with some ideas on the off chance they help :wink:


I shave my entire groin region and am always scrupulously clean back there before we start. It’s not an issue based on cleanliness and hygiene. It’s just something that she personally can’t get past mentally and I don’t have a problem with that.


I have my nipples pierced and Since having them done the sensation is amazing. There’s been a few times I have been close to orgasm from nipple play alone.

For me I would love to try more anal/prostate play with my partner but he doesn’t seem too keen.

I would also like to try more bondage and I’m trying to get the courage to discuss this. More from fear of the idea being rejected than the fact I’m not comfortable talking about it.


@Newton27 I think I need to have you talk to my wife :stuck_out_tongue: Would love her to know that other women also enjoy or desire to engage in BDSM. And not just in online movies.

Edit:@Newton27: My wife and I are pretty good about being open to hearing each other out about different things. Even so, I still feel super awkward when I think about bringing certain topics up.

Fearing rejection is a legitimate concern. Unfortunately the best thing is to bite the bullet.

There are perhaps more smooth ways to bring up the topic but I think at the very least it’s good to get it out there.

I’ve found sometimes explaining where you’re coming from and your thoughts on a subject can significantly impact not only the conversation itself, but the result.

Too many times I’ve had follow on conversations with my wife where it turns out that she “thought I meant this xyz thing” and I end up explaining “No, I meant ‘this’ not ‘that’”.

Sometimes just getting it out there gives your partner time to think on & digest what you said and it could be a delayed ‘yes’.

Having the conversation anyway, regardless of the end result, is a key to building trust and comfort in a relationship imo.

I don’t care if my wife came up to me and started talking about animals, I’d never (or I’d like to think I’d never) judge her or make her feel bad for anything she came to me with.

So probably just a long winded post about stuff you already know, but good to put it out there if not.

I wish you the best whatever you decide :slight_smile:


Fortunately I can’t think of anything he wouldn’t be open to discussing. The only thing I can think of that he might give me a “hard no” to is anal play with him as the receiver. I’ve brought it up a couple of times and while he hasn’t said “no”, he hasn’t taken the bait either. I think it’s probably the stigma. He had a very tramatic experience when he was about 10-ish (he can’t remember because he felt so much shame and no one would talk about it). I think anything that might even suggest what could have happened to him is a trigger.

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@Ksag8602 Ugh. That’s rough. Sorry to hear.

On a random note I think I’m open to quite a bit simply because of my exposure to so much on the internet. I wouldn’t have even thought about anal if not for vast amounts of www content out there.

Though I’m also glad I’ve been exposed to so much. Helps me to be open to talking about whatever people want to talk about without being judgemental or put off.

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Haha! If you need a wing woman you know where to find me :crazy_face:

I’m glad to learn I’m not the only one that can feel awkward bringing certain things up with their partner. I feel like I should be able to talk about anything but it’s not really something you spring on them out the blue. By the time I decide it’s the right time, how I’m going to word it etc I’ve already backed out. I’m abit of an overthinker if you hadn’t already guessed lol.

I’ve vaguely brought BDSM up in conversation but never into detail or what I’d like to try and he seemed kind of interested. I guess I just need to quit questioning what if and go and ask him huh :joy:

No I appreciate the reply, thanks :blush:


@Newton27 I’m also an overthinker. Many times I’ve analyzed all known possible outcomes and responses to various approaches I may use to enter into different topics.

I appreciate the wing woman support. Though explaining to my wife why I’m using women from the internet to pursuade her to do anything might not go well for me :grimacing:

Yes I personally honestly feel that after you’ve backed out more than once that it’s probably time to simply just have the conversation :wink:

The fantasy part of me would suggest you put on your sexiest, most authoritative looking Dom gear (leather or latex) and hold the whip in a no-nonsense manner when you ask, no “tell” your now-sub-OH how Mistress wants everything to go down :wink:

Seriously though, have the conversation. Be prepared to offer a few digestable specifics & scenarios.

Ideally he’ll at least hear you out but prepare yourself mentally to not take it personally if he reacts more than expected. He’s human too after all and I’m sure he’ll be kicking himself later on if he does react poorly.

As a guy I can say I’m sometimes too good at not handling things like I should, like my wife deserves, and hating myself later for it.

Though not to brag, I think I’m pretty epic a lot of times too so I’m not entirely self depricating.

Hoping for the best for you. Definitely curious on the results after you do have the conversation :smiley:

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Urethral sounding. It’s such a massive turn on for me and I fantasise about getting to do it almost daily. But he would never go for it.


@Candace1 I fantasize about my wife tying me up, sounding me, and giving me a hand job or otherwise finishing me in some other way.

Full confession: I also fantasize about her, as Mistress, tying my balls and piercing them through with needles.

Though I also am afraid to try anything that would turn me into a eunuch so I’d also probably be too scared to try.

Not sure how needles & testicles can safely play together but I do enjoy seeing the scenario online.

Being single currently this thread isn’t for me really but reading through people’s responses about piercings triggered a memory…

I have many piercings and with my ex who had a Prince Albert we’d always manage to get hooked up somehow… Both down there and I also have 3 in my tongue so even oral was like one of those old school metal puzzle dilemmas​:joy:


@Samanthajane1985 That is probably actually kinda painful but it admittedly sounds like a sexy problem to have :wink: