Those rabbit ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have just bought my first rabbit the new wave one I was extremly excited and turned on at the thought of using it esp after seeing the demo on Ann Summers but I can hardly feel the waves to say I am devistated is not even close!!esp for the price
But when I tried the ears on the top setting it was too too much is this something you get used to? Any tips for rabbit ear training? Cheers

There are loads of different rabbit 'ears', and I've found that if they are too long they are pretty ineffective. Easily remedied with a pair of scissors, though. It might be that your 'ears' are too short, therefore the sensation is too intense. Build up to it slowly!

sexywife - Did you use any lubricant? Sometimes I find vibrations can be a little much straight on the clit, try putting plenty of lube on your clit to form a little barrier and see how you get on!

Turn it round, and use them on your ass. Or as CW recommends, use lube.

sexywife, sorry to hear about your disappointment. I had a similar experience with a Jessica. It was my first vibe and - well, it just ain't me and ain't the same shape as me. The rabbit's too close in at the bottom and miles too tall, so the ears are miles off target with the shaft in, and when I do get them on the clit it it's more "eek" than "ooh"! Plan A: Is the shaft bendable at all? More curvature can be more fun inside & out. Plan B: haven't used one but shaft movement can be more fun not so deep or at what seems like an odd angle (sorry if it sounds like I'm teaching you to suck eggs - not intended - I'm just a disappointed rabbit owner who improvised). Otherwise Plan C: I'm with Crayola - turn it round and get the rabbit's ears - or nose if that fits better - to tickle/nudge your anus, with or without lube, however you like it. It's still not my first choice toy but beats chucking it away. Or complain! Hope this is some help. Good luck!

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