thoughts on sex outside

i wanna try it with the oh, but wanted some thoughts on the subject first

Hi Rob

Do you mean Sex outside the relationship? Sex outdoors? How and when .. places to try it?

Hmm. Could you elaborate please, Thank you x

i mean outdoors.

Ah ok thanks.

How about in mulitistorey car parks? Forest? or if you live near beach .. under the pier?

Check this thread out:

cheers chick il have a read. but in the car is a no no as im 6ft 6. and it makes it abit arkard. we have done it in the sea on hoilday before and loved it. but want to do it some where a bit closer to home

How about some quiet back streets or a train station? Alleyway at night - a safe one?

You could take the car and fold seats back open boot and have sex there but out in a field or somewhere isolated?

I personally love sex outdoors obviously there are legal issues but I'm a risk taker lol it's not for everyone and I know a lot of people will disagree but Iv found it adds a lot of spice to my marriage we do have boundaries tho peeps don't worry, we NEVER get naughty where children could be and although getting caught I'd the thrill we don't perpossely chose places it's a possibility

There is a great nature reserve near by which is rarely used at night this is perfect or the beach I like the prom rather than getting down on the sand for obvious reasons

Up walls is a great one and yes we've done public rest rooms not classy but hey it's a quicky right no romance needed lol

We also like using remote controlled toys these are great to ease into the idea of outdoor sex you can use it on your partner anywhere and even if she is a little nervous at first she will be buzzing and loving it in no time lol x

out in a feild sounds the best bet.

I maturbated myself by the sea near the edge of the hill! I didn't know why I did, but I did But loved it

I love rolling around in a field lol especially when it's raining lol

My OH really wants to do it outside. Doesn't hugely appeal to me. Up for it on a bed, or sofa or wherever, but why my garden with the cold wet grass. Will have to try it to see if it is any better, I am just a bit sceptical at the moment. Is it purely the risk factor that people enjoy?

The thought of sex outdoors takes me back to my teenage years (yes I can remember that far back lol). We had nowhere to go so various outdoor spots became our usual haunts.

I'm keen to have the experience again sometime

outside is loads of fun. I think its the thought of getting caught but we never have. Been to all the usual places, car parks on the bonnet, alleyways, on the rocks in tenby, in the sea, on the bus.

I LOVE it! im a bit of an exhibitionist so i would lol. we have a field down the road from us that we like to take trips down to :-) xx

I have never had sex outside with my husband. Weve been together 7 years. Most of my experiences of outdoor sex were from my teenage years.

God how boring i have become... must change that!!

Outdoor sex can be amazing, it's so naughty and exhillarating!

Find somewhere safe and comfortable preferably when it's not raining or freezing cold.

I've done it in the woods up against a tree, a tent on the beach, a field and in the car in the middle of nowhere.

All very very good. Go for it and have fun! x

i love it

plenty of woods and fields near me and actually some pretty cool places where i grew up

I really fancy the idea of outdoor sex. Impromptu outdoor sex especially.

Taking a walk with the Mrs, she's wearing a frilly, free-moving skirt (rather than a tight pencil skirt), and basically just bend her over and go at her from behind, have her leaning against a tree.

Downside to that plan is it would be easier with her wearing heels, and many of the walking routes near here are dirt tracks - heels and dirt tracks generally don't mix. And generally if we go for a walk, she's wearing jeans...

I also quite fancy the idea of changing room sex. Obviously not in a shop because usually there's male and female changing rooms. I am thinking swimming pool - there are a couple locally with unisex changing rooms. Could be fun

Best I can say is Yes Please.