Three Bangs to Oblivion - A Challenge to the Extreme!

As I'm sure some of you already know, I have accepted a challenge from OA's prevalent poster Tallboy over in the Sex Talk forum ( ) to put my mind, body and anus to the test with the excitingly large 'Three Bangs for your Butt" ( ).

Although not a complete newbie to the delights of inserting things up my arse, I've never quite considered something of this magnitude before. Stupidly willing to try most things once, I couldn't really refuse the challenge.

I'm eagerly awaiting delivery of this beast in the morning and have the whole day alone to play. If all goes to plan I hope to post regular feedback here tomorrow, and as the days (and weeks) go on, for your information and titillation.

It would be great to hear from you all as you pass by this thread on your daily perusal of the OA website. Share your thoughts, questions, comments, or ideas; praise, scorn or tips. Even if you think I'm outright bonkers for even attempting this, join in the discussion anyway!

Suppose I ought to get an early night in preparation for tomorrow. Trouble is, this thing's already playing on my mind - i'm aroused already - happy dreams for me tonight me thinks! ;-P

I have a fear of anything near my bum.

I can let my gf touch the cheeks and whatnot, even the occasional kiss, but anything more and it puckers up tighter than a snare drum.
Doubt I could fit even a finger in there, so I can't wait for prostate exams when I'll probably have to be tied down.

So, anyway, I hope it goes well for you. Each to his own and that.

Cheers GrayMatter - Each to his own indeed!

Faced with the choice of loosing your anal virginity to your gf's slender caring finger or some ham-fisted GP's stubby mitt you might wanna reconsider ;-D

Well Ameliorate, the big day has arrived, did you get much sleep last night is the first question, and if it's not a rude question what time were you up until? ha ha. Almost a pity l have to work today or l could reach for my mammoth insertables and try and hook up with you as we bore down in synchronisation....... wonder whose spunk would spurt the furthest- maybe yours what with the excitement of a new challenge, and that maybe nudged prostate!!!
Well have a great day....
Enviously Tallboy

Morning Tallboy and everyone! No sign of a delivery yet!

Been up since 6 and, having seen my better half off to the station, I've been up since then too ;-).

Have started the day off gently with my Bootie Butt Plug - I'm hiding in the warmth of my bed enjoying the sensations it brings - twitching every time I think I hear the front gate open.

Tallboy - shall we try make sychronised butt-plugging the British contribution to the Olympic Games :-D


Might need to chat re that idea !!!!

You still there?

Sorry, been off browsing other forums - these pages need an auto-upate function so they can be left open in the background. !!!

Email or messenger?


Cool, need to swap computers - I'll log in a later... Right now a have a freshly delivered package to explore - it's just arrrived.

Enjoy !!!

So it's finally arrived.

Having virtually fallen over myself to get down the stairs before the delivery man decided no one was home, I had to tuck my boner in the waistband of my PJ's and only hope he didn't notice. Thanks to LH's excellent packaging at least, there was no way for him to realise what he was holding. Having signed his electronic thingy I slammed the door shut and, like a kid at Christmas, rapidly tore my way into the box.

First Impressions - Simply and tastefully presented (I hate the gawdy packaging so often assiociated with sex toys) the Three Bangs is wonderfully tactile and rubbery but has a slightly odd odour (but nothing I'm not willing to ignore). Strangely perhaps, the girth if this beauty daunts me less than the length - my own cock is throbbing to compete, straining against the fabric of my PJ's.

Also in the box is what will be first in play - I have brought a Large Ass stuffer Butt plug which has a maximum diameter just a little smaller than the first of the Three Bangs heads. To pave the way, I gonna use this pleasing red number for a while first.

Before then however, now that there is no fear of missing the delivery driver, I'm off to pop out the Bootie butt plug that has been entertaning me since 6:30 this morning, have a quick shower and I think a quick anal douche might be in order as well.

More later....

Having throughly cleaned my body inside and out (just not my mind) I settled on the bed to have a go with the Ass Stuffer.

I have to report mixed results. I seem to have mastered the ability to relax my sphincter and have managed to easily/safely accomodate the plug's 5 inch length/1.7 inch diameter. It has a nice tapered shape and is made of firm jelly rubber with a smooth finish and quickly had my cock bobbing around for attention.

The plug has obviously been sitting in a cold warehouse somewhere overnight and I should have attempted to warm it up before insertion. The coldness felt quite uncomfortable and may have contributed to a bout of spasms that occured - these were by no means painful but didn't do much for my state of arousal.

I perservered for 20 mins, just laying quietly on the bed 'listening' to the feelings in my body and as the time passed, the plug gradually became more and more uncomfortable. I have read on these forum's about the need for lube, lube and more lube with anal play. This was my second mistake - I think I underestimated just how much lube is required. I popped the plug out and it had been virtually sucked dry.

I'm back on the Bootie Plug for a bit, while I work out a way of getting more lube in my ass before insertion. If anyone out there is following this thread and has any tips, please share. I aim to have another attempt in a little while and still hope to progress onto the Three Bangs sometime after lunch.

Ameliorate, am following the threads with interest to see how you get on. I did see this by Gyrator53 in another thread on this site

'I put about 4 ml of Liquid Silk lube in with a syringe after douching and I find this works well.'

Dont know if it helps or not

keep up the good work


The suspense is killing me .........

I know what you mean 'abm' hope nothings happened :-(

Sorry guys, for obvious reason's I've been a bit preoccupiied but I'm here, I'm grinning and have more to tell.

Thanks for the pointer Owt, I managed to improvise a syringe by taking the water swirling nozzle thing off the end of my anal douche. I then removed the cap of the lube and sucked up the contents directly into the bulb of the douche. This then provided a ready supply of lube that can be inserted where needed.

My second attempt with the Ass stuffer then...

This time I applied plenty of lube to the plug and, with the help of the patent pending anal bulb described above, squirted a health dose of lube in my ass. With the lube being obviously cooler than my hole, it was easy to tell where and roughly how much I was putting in (it had quite a nice soothing effect too). For my first serious foray into plugging, I have opted to use lube that doesn't desensitize the hole - I figured it best to be able to feel my limitations. I opted for Aquaglide Anal Lubricant which, although up to the task, I can't really rate without comparison of any other products.

As before, the smooth tapered plug slid relatively easily into my hole. This time however, things felt a lot more comfortable and I really felt the plug settle well. Of course by now my cock was rock hard again. Laying on the bed, I decided to just gently masturbate for 10 mins or so to give my anus time to fully relax.

At one point the plug started piching a little. With a bit of adjustment, I realised it was because my body was trying to suck the plug in deeper (things are looking promising for the Three Bangs I thought) and was causing the flared base to bend (and pinch) slightly. Soon stopped it with a little twist

I started to play around with trying to stimulate my prostate with some contractions. I have been a user of the Aneros Helix for nearly a year now, so I am no stranger to the concept of prostate driven dry orgasms. With my ass nicely filled it didn't take long before I started convulsing again and again on the bed. I have never managed to orgasm through anal stimulation alone and alas not this time either.

A favoutite position when using the helix is laying in a foetal/recovery position, stomach down on the bed with my erect cock pointing down towards my feet. I get great sensations if I try and flex my cock to bring it upwards (but of course the bed stops this from happening). I believe this is causing the PC muscle to flex - but either way the effect it has is amazing.

Assuming this position with the Ass Stuffer in place... oh my God! My whole body was spasmimg, orgasm after orgasm lasting minutes at a time and literally taking my breath away. Lost track of time for a while. Fell into an estasy induced trance huddled up under the duvet, my ass still full and flexing.

Eventually however, my thoughts turned to the reason we are all here - the Three Bangs.