Three pronged attack!

We were having fun chatting last night whilst playing Monogamy and the Mrs asked if I could get her a vibrator that stimulated all areas ( vaginal , anal - preferrably not insertion and clitoral ).

I have done a search and nothing came up and can only see two toys on looking neither of which have many or fanastic reviews.

I know if I got say a rabbit + used a bullet around her anus she would probably want to push the anal one away but I'm guessing the way she said this she wants this for herself to be able to have her the lot when I'm away.

Any suggestion, experiences etc?

The only ones I can think of are

but haven't used either myself, am sure some much cleverer forum member than me will have more of an idea.... It is something I've always fancied but never got around to buying, I just tend to use two different vibes with a plug...

Hope you find something

I do know there are a good few rabbit style vibrators here on Lovehoney which stimulate the clit as well as the anus.

There is also though it is not in stock at the moment.

You could aways use different toys to create the same effect.

Its such an intense feeling I'd definately reccommend you find something but no idea of any in particular as i prefer the cock rings with a dildo attatched for DP and i bullet bit that nuzzles your clit.. not much help i guess lol