So my and my partner want to try a threesum. There is an issue though. We don’t know who to ask!! We don’t want to ask a friend as it would be weird if it didn’t work or if anything went wrong but we don’t know what other options we have. We don’t want to ruin friendships or feel like we have to keep it a secret from other people in the friendship group. That’s why a friend is out of the picture, but what else is there!? You can just ask a random person on the street lol :slight_smile:

Try a couples dating app like Feeld or something, you are looking for a “Unicorn” (someone to join you and your partner) or dating apps in general can work.

Just make sure you are both are happy with who you choose, don’t want one of you being unhappy

There are plenty of swinging and hook up sites out there where you can set up profiles advertising what you are looking for. Even some dating sites have people looking for more causal encounters so can be worth a try (think Tinder, OkCupid, Plenty of Fish). edited by mod

@JS90 thanks for that, didn’t know that was a thing! We are both so frustrated as we didn’t know what to do. We both want the same thing but didn’t know where to turn!

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@Calie thanks for the advise, are you able to let us know any of the sites :slight_smile: also where do you find a sex worker lol! Isn’t that just in movies or in the grotty part of the city. We want someone nice :slight_smile:

Yeah their really are apps for everything :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

That’s an outdated and dangerous stereotype.

@Calie i didn’t mean no offence by it, I just mean I have no idea where we’d even start with looking for that type of service. Help would be greatly appreciated

You can use a hookup app or try swinging. I hate threesums so I don’t do them often as I feel they ruin relationships for me. I only do it with two other complete strangers when I’m not in a relationship. Those two options are your best bet.

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I’ve taken part in quite a few threesomes. You really have two options if you don’t want to randomly ask somebody. Firstly you could visit a swingers club although I know that’s pretty much out of the question at the moment, your other is to join a group like Fab Swingers

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@Jimmy603 thanks for the reply. I’ve just googled fan swingers…it seems like it could be an option. I’ll have to explore it tomorrow :slight_smile: thanks a lot as we never knew something like that existed

Good luck and I hope that works out for you

Try a swinging site. One tip though based on a friend’s recent experience with their first time doing this… maybe go to a hotel or just some place that isn’t yours so that you can leave whenever you want. Their third person really overstayed their welcome and it was awkward to get them to leave. And when they did get it across… the person asked for a lift home so they didn’t have to pay for an uber, which made it more awkward because they felt they couldn’t say no since it’d make the situation weirder having them waiting around for it to arrive. If you’re somewhere other than your home at least you also have the option to walk away.

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I know a married couple… (wink) …who used fabswingers to meet another woman for dinner, drinks and a night in a hotel. They all had a lot of fun and hear that it was a very positive experience.

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@Candace1 @MySecretDesires thanks you both for the reply :slight_smile: never done it before so any input is welcome! We want to try both ways too, additional woman and additional guy, then we can see what one we prefer:)

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Sorry :slight_smile: - it’s a true story
I took her in and gave her breakfast :musical_note:

I got one thing to say about that, start with a fetish club and/or swingers club, there are some classy ones about that are very welcoming. Avoid seedy ones you will get some inspiration if you do your research (things starting to open up again). None of the clubs we have been to are any pressure and you dont do anything you dont want! What general location are you in, i might be able to suggest some ideas! We have been to a few!
We have never been in a 3 before and being there opens up your mind, watching is fun and you might find the oh sneaking in a snog and take it from there.

@rumbled hi thanks for the advice! We are in Hampshire. Do you know any? :slight_smile:

Not down that way sorry, do some research, and look out for types of nights that suit you, you may have to become a member first. Have fun

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