Thrusting Toys

Our daughter is usually living with us is going away for a few weeks soon and we thought it would be a good time to get a new toy so the Wife can have a good scream with pleasure.

Our thoughts were to try a Thrusting type of toy. There seems to be lots of machines available but not really that much of a selection on Love Honey. Has any one tried the ones on Love Honey and think they are good or has any other similar ideas on toys, I know my wife would be able to take any size and speed as she really gets turned on when she feels free to enjoy it.


I know its not a thrusting device but have you considered a womanizer for clit stimulation? May be you have one already though. Seems to get very good reviews. I’m sure you will receive some great suggestions from members that have a lot more experience than me. @2naturalspirits

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We have got toys similar to that already, We are really after something this time which can thrust inside her while I play with her clit.


The problem with thrusting vibrators is that the thrusting motion is fairly limited. The total movement is only an inch or two. This may well be enough for your wife but it doesn’t compare with the free standing machines.

We would prefer a free standing machine really, But Love honey doesn’t sell any I don’t think.

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I’ve not tried this one myself….but what about this

As others said…it might be you want a proper ‘sex machine’ - but this might be a possibility

And maybe look in this category?

Now if only these came out as testers!! I’d be promoting and reviewing the hell out of them :heart_eyes::joy::smiling_imp:

I’ve found some thrusting toys are hit and miss as one I had worked for all of a few weeks then the thrusting part stopped… I’d probably recommend to read up on reviews and choose quality rather than cheap :grimacing:

It seems though unless you buy the ones for thousands, The cheaper ones are not really worth bothering with from the reviews :frowning:

Yeah looks like it….can I recommend a suction cup dildo on the headboard with wifey backed up onto it and you underneath her playing/licking? Works for us (when she’s in the mood) and is great fun!

I bought one (not from LH) for a very reasonable price (less than 3 figures) and its still going strong but I agree with your general point.

They actually do sell a couple different free standing machines.

The cloud 9 f slider
The doc Johnson x motorbunny buck
And the cowgirl

I have not tried any of these of course as they are quite expensive but if your in the market for one Lovehoney does have some to get. Good luck!!!

Can’t really justify thousands on a toy quite yet, But would love to try one.

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