Ticklish in The Wrong Place

ok heres the issue as we know there are certain areas of a womans body that are sensitive and some women dont like alot of attention there as it can get uncomfy.... however my OH obviously having her sensitive areas as in back of knees (too much attention and i get a heel in the chin) inner thighs (she crushes my head like a vice) etc I can hack that but whats got annoying of late is my OH has amazing boobs and they are getter better lol so last night i try to snuggle up to em as were lying there in bed and woah she nearly knocks me out (obviously with her hands not her boobs) explanation from her "it tickles too much" now you would think that I had done some thing like nuzzle or anything but nope all i had done is put my face /head on between her boobs and woah mohammad ali v joe fraser .. tried again in the morning when she was half asleep and she frank bruno would have been proud

so help how to stop boobs being ticklish and before anyone says it tried the rough stuff and it did nothing for her and i love boobs??

I'm the same - very ticklish! Let me know if you find the solution as it's really annoying for me, my neck, inner thighs, boobs etc. are all really ticklish and I can't help but push my fella away when he licks those areas! Firm kissing is ok though, just licking is too tickly.


Have you tried stroking her in the bath? I find I'm much less ticklish when wet (in the conventional not naughty sense!)


Just a little thought - have you recently grown stubble/a beard? If so then perhaps thats a bit too tickly against her skin?

Other than that i wouldn't know - i haven't expecienced unsually tickly bits...!

I'm stupidly ticklish. And to be honest, I sometimes do wonder if it's just certain times of my cycle when I'm most ticklish. But also it's the person and the mood I'm in.

nope she has always been like this and anytime of the cycle and to be fair sometimes it can be fun as we both giggle about it .. but she's getting more sensitive to her tickles and the fact that her reaction is normally a sharp part of her body coming up to defend that bit normally an elbow ... tickling can hurt lol

KittyPurry wrote:

Have you tried stroking her in the bath? I find I'm much less ticklish when wet (in the conventional not naughty sense!)



Littlemisshorny wrote:

If time of the month isn't the issue then maybe just be gentle at first. Maybe just putting your hand on her to start with then gradually moving onto a stroke and build up. I'm talking from personal experience here so can't say it will work for you but maybe worth a try.

Happy fondling ;)

and this, is good advice!

I find I'm less ticklish if I'm more horny, and I'm less ticklish if my OH *starts* with firm touching and moves onto more stroky, soft motions.


I happen to be extreemly sensitive to my partners touch.... sometimes all he has to do is gently run his fingers over my leg and i'll jump. When it comes to my breasts, I love it when he teases them and so does he love the reaction my nipples give...... ummmmmmmmm =D

I am ridiculously ticklish on my feet - I've given my OH black eyes in the past! Maybe try using firm massages rather than light touches? It helps with me