Tight Foreskin

Anyone any advice on what to do with a tight foreskin?
Can manage oral, intercourse uncomfortable but not impossible though
Pressuming the tight foreskin is why I don’t last very long?
All tips happily received


Hey dude, if you look online there are certain exercises you can attempt to help stretch it but also if you was to go to the doctors they may prescribe you some steroid cream what will do the trick.


I found mine gradually loosened through masturbation, I guess the skin would have grown.

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The first time my foreskin got pulled right back it hurt like hell, but it got better/easier the more it happened. As for not lasting long that could be just down to sensitivity.

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Have you spoken to your Dr about it? A circumcision might help.
Sex shouldn’t be uncomfortable.

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It’s called phimosis and is fairly common. I had it and didn’t even realise, i thought it was normal. You can stretch it natrually yourself (if you’re lucky). When erect gently pull a small bit at a time to try and stretch it. When flaccid try massaging and stretching gently. Moisturising can help. That all worked for me. If it doesn’t work then it either needs steroid cream and if that fails then it’s off with the foreskin I’m afraid​:grimacing: Be careful stretching yourself because if it’s still tight and it goes past the head then that’s a dash to hospital…


Some great advice here. But ultimately if it’s causing pain the best solution is having it cut I’m afraid.

Id imagine circumcision the most obvious solution?

You can gently stretch it over time, doing it in a hot bath reduces the discomfort it does take patience. Has it always been tight or is it as a result of an infection?
If it is from an infection then you need to get to the bottom of that first. Go to your GP thier advice is a lot better than any advice you will get online.

I remember my poor brother having a problem and the GP basically made him grit his teeth and just yanked it back and made it stretch :pleading_face: poor bugger…it did the trick though. for women preparing for a baby coconut oil and massage is recommended, no idea if would help here, but is all about the stretching of tissues…

That made me hold my bits 🫨

I would check with a doctor just in case of anything serious

I went to the dr, 6 months later after 20 mins of surgery and 3 weeks of recovery, never been better, wish I’d gone years ago!

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