Tingle Play

Has anybody else tried the above? All I can say is does make your tongue feel funny!!! But OH loves it.x

theMightyBum wrote:

What on earth is Tingle Play?

Google in this case isn't helping me!


i have tried that lube but it burns me, I can see how it would be fun though

Try the cherry one.xxx

yes I love that one! the durex one is about the only flavoured lube I enjoy. it does not taste too chemical

an ex gave me a handjob using that once. while it felt really nice on my cock and for a little while on my balls. soon though all I could feel was a burning sensation as if someone had set my testicles aflame! never again >_<

Works well as a lube, but I can't say I ever got much of a tingle from it.

I've used that before they change it and it did burn like hell! But I decided to try it again after hearing the great things about it and that they have changed it (plus in was in the 2 for £5 with a free bag deal on here) but I haven't used it yet.