Tips and advice for doing oral sex to my OH

Hi, I have recently been wondering about possibly giving my OH oral. She gives me blowjobs. I was wondering if any women had any tips or advice for how to do it. I don’t know if she will be up for it. On another note do most women enjoy oral sex? .We haven’t had sex for a little while it has been quite stressful for us both recently and it’s her time of the month so she doesn’t want to have sex during that period. Also are there any danger of doing this such as getting sti’s? Also is there anything I should know before hand? For example should o brush my teeth or use mouthwash or something? I know some of these questions may seem silly just want to reassure myself if my OH let’s me do oral.

I think you should just clean your teeth and go for it honey

Get your head down there and enjoy it. I usually blow gently too.......drives her wild.

There's some great Lovehoney blog posts about this that you may find useful. I've linked a few but If you click on the blog link at the bottom of the page and then use the search bar it'll search only the blog section of the site so you can have a browse of anything that tickles your fancy. 🙂👍

I hope these help. 🙂

Thanks for the links and advice that has helped me get an idea of what to do. Will hopefullly get to try it on my OH soon. I think I like the sound of being on my knees and licking my OH. Or on her back. Thanks