Tips for long distance sex life?

Me and my partner are currently long distance and she is at uni, we do sext a lot and occasionally have phone sex and it is a lot of fun but I was just seeing if anybody knew anything else we could try together that’s cheap and doesn’t use many toys due to us not having/ being able to afford many​:joy:


If you trust each other, taking photos of you stimulating yourself and her the same can be a real turn on.


We are a married couple and my OH is away a few days at a time with his job
We have video sex, normally we use our sex toys (he has a realistic vagina fleshlight and I have a realistic dildo) but on same sessions we just use our hands and I my case my fingers (which are free)
But it’s the watching eachother that’s the turn on we try and cum together
Try video calling


Video calling is a lovely one that we do really enjoy sometimes, nice to see someone with similar taste!:wink::joy:

Hmm I was gonna say why not try one of them long distance connection type toys as they can be a very good investment piece but if you’ve not got the budget for anything like that then I’d say maybe create a special type of card game where you both have to draw cards each day and do what it says on it or something :grimacing:

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I actually really like that idea, thank you @AJSTAR !!

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Your most welcome dude :grin:

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I send letters. Just so my partner has something tangible to read at their leisure (and keep as a momento).

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Thanks! Might try this​:grin: