To Review or not to Review, this is the question


Titus B S

This item has been out of stock for so so so long, and I was holding off from purchasing the very same item elsewhere, however I took the plunge and am now the very happy owner of the Titus B S my question is, being as it absolutely identical in every aspect to the LH product can I post a review on LH ?

If it is the same product then it doesn’t matter where you bought it, you can review it on Lovehoney (assuming you want to). Just don’t mention in the review that you bought it elsewhere


I would. It’s still helpful to share your experience. Potential purchasers may see the review and it could sway them. And, you never know, it may be considered for restock in the future. Therefore, the staff may find your review useful too.


So long as it is the same product, you can review on Lovehoney even if you didn’t buy it from here. I’ve done this with a few of my product reviews, too. Even if Lovehoney don’t stock it anymore, you can still review discontinued items as well.