To Spice Things Up...

What do you all do to spice things up in the bedroom?

At the moment, we love using this

We recently added restraints / flogger and paddle to the mix, definately spiced it up.

I brought some of those yesterday.... Just wanna try grab ideas

Think it depends on your usual tbh... give us more info

I'm open to anything.. My sex life isn't boring.

At the moment I have a thing for hubby's bum.... Butt plugs, paddles, pegging you name it

Imagination. WHy stop at the bedroom. I usually pick my girlfiend up on the way home from work kiss kiss etc. When we get in she bends over the sofa and I do her from behind. Then we have a cuppa while she fingers herself

We mainly have 2 modes depending on the mood and if both of us are up for it .

The first mode I suipose you could call the more serious one whereby both of us are into skin sensual so we stroke each others body sometimes restrained and blindfolded to entisify the experience,. We also do sensual spanking( me on her) within this mode as well. Both of us enjoy foreplay and teasing so this could go on for a very long time in the evening and generally we usually start fully clothed with a slow sensual undressing as the evening wears on with kissing and stroking of the beared parts .The restarining usually is on the bedroom when both of us are wearing very little although my Mrs likes being restrained to the bed wearing side tie knickers so they can be removed after when she is restarined with further tormenting/teasing . She has an obsession( not sure if this is normall !) about becoming wet whilst still wearing her panties .

Of course after this we normally make love in the usual way with our favourite posiition being reverse cowgirl so I can slap her on her rear .

The other mode is the fun side of sex roleplaying. With this anything goes but within our normal boundaries . The lines we often fluff which adds to the laughter. My Mrs has got quite a large costume collection . Anything from a pirate to an indian squaw with all the popular ones inbetween ie school outfit,French maid , serving wench etc. The only one we don't use so much which may surprise some is the Nurses outfit. Thats because I have a phobia about hospitals .Sometimes you have to improvise with the furniture like the "desk" we normally use is my clean DIY workmate. With a cushion on top it makes a fine spanking desk .

You want to see me lassooing an indian squaw ! Its all great fun . Some of the costumes we also use for fancy dress parties as well as we go to at least one each year which gives another use for the costumes. If some of you ladies are worried about hem lengths then My Mrs recommends the wearing of shorts underneath for parties .These easily slip off when you get home !

Buts that us in a nutshell on how we spiced up our lovelife and we can blame Lovehoney for that !

I also wanted to add it doesn't happen over night either it takes a lot of communication ( telling each other your fantasies for starters) trust and a commitment in bonding with your partner. My advice here is take things slowly and if you don't like something speak out ! Dont let something you don't like fester as it can become a problem in the future . We found it easier in talking about these type of things over a meal at the pub .

My last word of advice is enjoy yorself and make sure your partner is also enjoying themselves and don't take everything too seriously .

And before I go sometimes vaniila sex becomes more enjoyable just for a change !