whats ev1 up 2?

iv had a bath n bak in bed, havent even got dressed!

Spending too much time on here. I think I am addicted and need help. Lol

just got back from seeing one of me daughters and time to catch up on everything online

any1 wna bring me a coffee? LOL

Having a lazy day today.

Woke up at 11am after only getting to sleep at 5.30am...Insomnia is just the greatest!

Just had a lovely phone call with one of my best mate's whos finally back from the army, which has cheered me up loads. :D

Might get a session in on the treadmill after, but who knows?!

Got up early, in the gym by 8. Spent 4 hours on the bike in the gym followed by coffee and catch up with a friend.

Been to the supermarket and eaten lunch.

About to go and hunt through the garage for a load of bike bits. Thrills and spills.

woke up with a massive hangover , had a much needed B&B fry up and drove home to go back to bed! only just got up and still feel rubbish ;-( that will teach me trying to keep up with my old Army mates as i can't drink as much as i used to anymore!

About to have shepherds pie with marble cake for my afters and then back home to sink a few single malts

Been to see my mum before she flys out to Vietnam for three weeks

the borning sunday night hornyness is about 2 kick in LOL

Been working all day on photo shoots

Too much movies for one day.

Spent 9 hours on trains