Today's the day i

So today’s the day I learned that my sex life with my wife is effectively over. She has suffered such muscular damage from radiotherapy that penetrative sex is not possible anymore :pensive:. More than happy to relieve myself but just wish that she’d be interested in more than just penetration.
What did you learn today?

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I’m not as young as I used to be, took two 20ft trunks of a conifer down approximately 50cm diameter. Climbing up and down the tree, roping up and tying on… I’m knackered after 2.5hrs

How does your wife feel about this? Is she still getting g sexual urges to have penetration or is it a case that her libido is fully gone?

Fully gone :pensive:

That sounds awful for your wife.

I’ve learned that your pain could be in my heart @Northseaguy .

I would be crushed to not be able to please my best friend sexually and that selfishly the feeling of PIV sex would be done. Sorry pal - that isn’t fun.

Aww so the urges and enjoyment for her has completely gone, so sorry to hear this dude

Maybe it will take time for her to recuperate both mentally and physically and you will need to put a lot of work (but no pressure) into making her feel sexy and a sexual being again.
Sexual pleasure is not just vaginal, so there are lots of other avenues for you both to investigate. Good luck to you both.

She clearly stated that as we couldn’t have piv, that nothing else would happen as that’s what she ultimately needs sexually.

That’s a shame, maybe with time she may change her mind, i understand it’s a difficult situation for both of you, and that in her mind she must be full of conflicting thoughts and emotions.