Too hot for sex

Is anyone else finding the heatwave we are going through means it's too hot for sex? I can't seem to stay cool during the night recently so was wondering if anyone had any tips for still having plenty off sex without melting

Swimming pool?

Air con?

It's too hot for anything other than ice cream IMO

It's never too hot for sex IMO!

How about in the shower?

i feel hornier when it's hot weather! I quite like the stickiness

As a BBW, this is my way of coping with the heat...

Both take a relaxing cool shower, preferably together, then dry off and go straight in for a hot, steamy, passionate session. It's probably me being kinky, but I love how we slither and slide when we get sweaty, so the heat takes the effort out of getting hot enough for such a session! Once finished, another cool shower followed by Pimms and lemonade in a shady spot up the garden!!

If you put your feet in the bath and run cold water over them from the tap or the shower head it cools you down really fast. It cools your blood and cools you down as it travels around your body. I always do this if I'm struggling to sleep because of the heat. Maybe do this before sex?

MrsMcX might just give that a try even when sex isn't on the cards

If you're somewhere you can't put your feet in the bath, it really works to put cold water on your wrists too.

It really helped me when I worked in a very hot lab.

I was going to say the same thing! Sadly we don't have a shower!

Yeah, just have hot, sweaty, slippery sex and then cool off together with a shower.

If you don't dry yourself properly but just let the water evaporate it'll cool you down very well.

dont get hot get horny. im lucky kidds all out for the night and were just waiting for it to go a bit darker as we live right by the beach were taking a few drinks down there and then have sex as the tide comes in around us

Love hot wet sweaty sticky sex, hotter is hornier. Cool shower after together.

splash about in the paddling pool together fun and cools you off...

Gentle giant wrote:

Love hot wet sweaty sticky sex, hotter is hornier. Cool shower after together.

Completely agree!

Cold shower for teasing then jump out and get to it before you get too hot again!

Great excuse to play with ice cubes too.

drippy sweaty sex is gross, normal amount of sweat during sex is great! Summer "I can almost wring out the sheets" sex is not nice. It puts me right off! Luckily we have an air con unit in our room :)

temperature play is good for hot weather chilled glass/metal/ceramic toys ice cubes if it gets too cold you can always get things hot and sticky with your combined body heat

Gentle giant wrote:

Love hot wet sweaty sticky sex, hotter is hornier. Cool shower after together.

Agreed :)

Never too hot for sex, both of us always feel so much hornier when the sun is out and less clothes in the way. Great for a bit of flashing and teasing with each other.

I agree, never too hot for sex, just means it's going to very sweaty and an even better work out than normal.... also it's nice to just lie there naked, no bed sheets on, panting and roasting and drifting off to sleep.