Too many replacements?

Hi there! I have a question. (Go to the bottom at the fat letters if you don’t want to read the whole backstory!)

So in these past months I’ve had three toys replaced.

First one was the Pleasure Wand Stainless Steel Beaded Dildo. Ordered it on the 23rd of January. When it arrived it had a few scratches on the head of it. That was quite worrying as scratches on steal could harm the tissues inside of me. No biggie, I just send an email to LoveHoney and they immediately sent a replacement. Replacement arrives and oh god, there were less scratches but the ones that were there were deeper and thus even more dangerous… I think it could be because it was a brandless item (outlet) so maybe the quality in general wasn’t amazing. (I must note that while they both came in the same box, the plastic they were in inside the box was different, the second one seeming very cheap). I sent an email out again and got a refund for it.

Second one was the Lovehoney Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo 7 Inch (black). Ordered on the 9th February. And you guessed it, when it arrived: exact same problem!! Two scratches, and once again scratches on glass can be harmful. So here we go again I send an email and get a replacement sent out to me. And you guessed it again, same. exact. problem. Even more scratches and on top of that some weird brown stains under the surface. This was quite surprising as the brand is from LoveHoney itself. I would have asked for another replacement but at this point I just didn’t trust it anymore so asked for a refund.

Now just today, my dear refused to turn on. It’s one of my favorite toys ever. It’s the Rocks Off Oriel 10 Function Rechargeable Wand Vibrator (ordered 11th May 2020). Last time I wanted to use it I couldn’t turn it on but assumed the battery was just empty (it’s supposed to flicker when that’s the case but it didn’t). In the heat of the moment I just grabbed another one. I decided to charge all my toys today to not encounter the same problem. Starting with the wand I put the magnetic charger on it. Light turns on (like it should) and then… off again. Magnetic ports are a bit tricky sometimes so I just try again: stays on for a few seconds, flickers a bit, on again and then nothing again. I tried another one of my Rocks Off chargers, tried another socket but still nothing. My dear and beloved one is dead. I go on the live chat to ask what to do and they immediately sent a replacement.

This is totally different scenario but thought I might add that. I had to use the Sexual Happiness Promise for a toy I ordered on 29th January, it was very expensive and just didn’t please me at all.

To the actual point I had three replacements and two refunds in such a short amount of time (do not judge, apparently my coping mechanism for heartbreaks is buying sextoys, could be worse I guess). So now I’m worried that next time I’ll get a faulty item (which definitely will happen given how much luck I’ve had until now) they won’t replace/ refund it anymore because they might think I’m tricking them to get free sextoys. I have pictures of all the scratches on four toys and a video of my wand not functioning so I can absolutely prove that I wasn’t lying if they ask. (I of course don’t have a proof video of me not enjoying that expensive toy hahaha)

So do they keep track of how many refunds/replacements they give you? And if so, can they at some point refuse to do so again because I’ve had “too many”? Maybe I’m just overthinking I don’t know. I’m really attached to my collection but I’m also a student so I can’t afford paying for broken toys.

(Maybe @Lovehoney_Brenna knows?)


I’m pretty sure any faulty toys will always be replaced irregardless of how many you have had though the faulty one may well need to be returned but if so, it is free postage and a perfectly reasonable request as their QC team will need to assess the problem as they obviously don’t want faulty items being sent out. It does sound like you have been very unlucky, thankfully all my glass and my one stainless steel have been perfect though I have had one piece of lingerie replaced and two vibrators replaced. One was a tester many years back that worked fine throughout testing and reviewing but was described as waterproof and fully submersible, turned out it wasn’t as the battery compartment wasn’t water tight. When I told them about this my vibrator (despite having been a free tester) was replaced and the description on the site was changed so they do appreciate knowing about faults.

The Happiness Promise I have never actually used but I think there might be a limit on the maximum amount of times you can use that one.


I think if it’s a faulty item then they’ll refund/replace it as long as it’s in warranty. It shouldn’t matter if its your first or fiftieth (though I’d have probably stopped buying from them long before that :slightly_smiling_face:).

For the Happiness Promise they do turn people down if they’ve used it already recently, or if you’re trying to return two toys from one order, etc. From the people on here who have mentioned it happening to them, they’ve mostly thought it was reasonable (or at least understandable), so hopefully it wouldn’t be completely out of the blue.

They’ve sorted you out so far, so I wouldn’t worry too much. Any faulty items should be replaced or refunded, and hopefully you won’t need the Happiness Promise too much. :+1:


@Ian_Chimp @Peitho bit late to answer but thank you!! This definitely reassured me

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Bah, that’s what I bought with the refund for my broken pink wand. :pouting_cat: I also feel very bad about asking for a refund on three dead rechargeable toys within six months and I’m not buying any more for now, just focusing on enjoying the ones I have.