Too much of a good thing?

Oh my god! Everyone should check out this news story of a woman who ended up in hospital after a three hour orgasm!

A woman was taken to hospital in agony after enduring a three-hour orgasm.

The woman, known only as Liz from Seattle, in the US, became concerned when the pleasure continued long after she had finished having sex with her boyfriend Eric.

By the second hour, the continual orgasms were no longer enjoyable and she was taken to hospital.

At first confused medics thought she was in labour but were eventually able to get her to stop having orgasms when they realised what the problem was.

‘I started hopping up and down to see if that would do anything,’ Liz said.

‘I started trying to drink wine to see if that would calm down my system. I tried just about every possible thing I could do to stop having an orgasm.’

Wow. There's a video on the link too!

Lol..."You're gunna remember this day for the rest of your life"...."You got that right!"

How bizarre though! I bet she was terrified to have another orgasm after that!

What an interesting article!! lol! Made me giggle inside.... :)

thankfully it was only three hours there's a condition called "persistent gential arousal disorder" which can cause the sufferer to have numerous spontaneous orgasms if they don't relieve themself

Hope she hasn't been traumatized out of having sex forever...

I saw this on facebook earlier, so strange!

Although agree with you on pgad myghoast, I saw a documentary on it and it made me cry :(

Sewing as you're linking, how about this one .

the link gives away what's there...

some time ago i came across a pretty disturbing story about pgad in which a woman had suffered for years and years getting worse all the time in the end not being able to handle it any more it got so bad she commited suicide :(

SS, I came across the two penises one a few days ago. I've so many logistical questions!

Sex is clearly a terrifying thing!

ShannonMarlene wrote:

SS, I came across the two penises one a few days ago. I've so many logistical questions!

Sex is clearly a terrifying thing!

I agree. I'm going to give it up

I saw the two penises thing and just assumed it was Photoshopped. Not that I don't believe that it is possible, but it is the internet! lol

It's true, there's medical accounts of such a thing occurring too. Like conjoined and parasitic twins, his body has just absorbed his twin, leaving just the penis behind

In that case, I have so many questions! lol Does he pee/cum through both? Do they both get erect or just one? Does he have a favourite? How unique!

google search Frank/Francesco Lentini if you want an example

the two penises thing is an actual medical condition it's very rare and called "Diphallia" i remember Dr. Christian from Embarrassing Bodies mention it on some tv show as something he'd only ever heard of but wanted to see in the flesh

Aren't 'actual re-enactments' annoying though?

He also did a Q and A on reddit