Topless Sunbathing

The perfect talking point on yet another lovely English summers day...when it's p....raining constanly. Do you Sunbath topless either in the garden(a lot more difficult if you live in a terraced) or on the beach...and if you do who decided? Did you do it to please your partners wishes or in spite of them? If you do it in the garden,do you worry about being seen by the neighbours or does that add to the thrill? Do you go beyond topless?....

I have never and could never sunbath topless unless I knew that no one could see me :P... not that bothered about the whole world seeing my fleashies!

I sunbathe nude at every possible opportunity, but only in private. I wouldn't wish to frighten the horses with the sight of my exposed flesh! I'm pretty sure I can't be seen, but I've got to the point where, if the neighbours do notice, it's their own fault for being nosey.

I love the feel of the air on my bare skin and particularly my nipples. It invariably leads me to fantasise as well, which can be a great bonus for the man. Sometimes, it's such a turn on that I'm obliged to find something suitable from the toy box ... (Lucky neighbours?)

The result is a great, even suntan, although it's a real challenge trying to get that crease between the top of your thighs and your bottom the same shade as everything else.

At the moment, just to prove that I really am tanned, I make a point of putting one of those sticky stars on the same place on my mons, each time - I've now got a pale star shape on my skin. Very pretty!

My back garden is a bit overlooked so I can't go topless let alone bottomless. Heh.

This C-String thing is good for eliminating tan lines while covering your modesty... Shame they don't do a bloke's version too:

Haven't some people been sued by their neighbours or done for indecent exposure by sunbathing in the nude, even in their own back garden.

Yes. But in the cases that I've read about, the judge has either just given a warning or made a very nominal fine, on the grounds that the neighbours didn't HAVE to stand at the their upstairs windows peering over the fence!

Hi, I'd never sunbath totally naked unless on a nudist beach-or where i know i def wouldnt get caught. Too many nosey perves around!

Haven't gone topless on a beach before-but you never know.

I'd love to sunbathe with my tackle out - however it's a darker shade anyway :)

I do feel for women wanted to top up on a tan without being perved over though. I recently been abroad on holiday and when I see women on the beach with their breasts on display it is *impossible* not to look. Repeatedly. There must be a deep instinctive response at work there. I'd defy any heterosexual man not to be interested. (unless of course they were senior citizens)

men..look at boobs??? hehe when i was last on holiday there was a woman topless floating on a lilo in the hotel pool. It was a family hotel and i did notice lots of the mums of 3 etc who maybe werent in as great a shape as this woman giving their husbands dissaproving nudges and glares :)

I'm not sure whether having a fit missus is relevant. Waaaay back when I was on hol with my gf in Spain there was a sunbather on the bed next to me and I looked at her boobies (through my sunglasses of course) all day. Lovely. *salivates*
Um, anyhoo, my point was... Um. Know idea, but I'm glad I remembered that pretty topless sunbather just before I go to bed :)

(um, 'no idea' that should be of course)

(Jeez, no edit buttons are gonna drive me mad)

My nipples got sunburnt, which was so damn painful I've not done it since.

You can buy cones for them. No, not those cones!

no i dont sumbathe topless....however if i was somewere like a nudist beach were i wernt the odd one out that everyone stares at....then yeh think i'd give it a try

im the same i think, i might topless sunbathe on a nudist beach but i dont think id get it all out :D

I've sunbathed in the garden where it wasn't (I hope) possible to be seen. I'd love to go topless on a beach, but can't imagine showing everything like some do.

Sorry, I meant to say I'd sunbathed nude in the garden, a beautiful feeling with the sun on my naked body. Good imagining that others might just be able to see my pussy, tits and arse so I often spread my legs and caress my parts purposely on the off chance. I wonder...

I sunbath naked on a float in my pool. I like the "all over" tan the best.

Sunbathe naked, live in terraced house, make sure neighbours all out and tie strings to their doors, throw ends tied to small rocks over house into my garden and then can tell when they come back, helps if you can dress quickly, always cover junior and friends in case of sunburn ouch, did go naked in Lanzarote recently at villa pool, also overlooked..... do l need help???? way tallboy! I'd love to if I was brave enough.....then skinny-dipping in the pool with all that water swirling round every bit of me, but especially over my bare pubes and lips. Can think of nothing better, well making love in the pool after would do wonderfully.

Tallboy246, you are crazy!