Totally Random - Whats your fav condom?

Hi all, just a little bit bored and thought i would see what everyones fav type on condom is. Whenever i order anything from LH i always chuck in some more condoms with the order. Im always staggered at the selection.

This is also a question for the girls as well as the guys. Do you have any preference? I once discussed this with one of my partners and she ammited it didnt bother her in the slightest. She felt no difference between the pleasure max and the standard ones at all.

As a guy the only difference i find is the fitting, and even then its never a big difference. They all seem to offer the same sensitivity regardless of the thickness.

The only type of condom which was a bit different was the female condom haha. I actually really enjoyed using these. Got a bit expensive though haha. Made a nice change,

Thoughts and preferences people?

skyn large

the durex avanti ultima for me are probably the closest to "natural" - yes they're expensive but they're worth paying the extra for, but now i know we're both clean and protected from unwanted pregnancies we go without