toy with no/acceptable smell

I'm just discovering adult toys. After hesitating a long time, I finally went for a nexus excel (aneros type) and an vibrating anal plug.
the nexus is hard plastic and has no or little smell.
but the anal plug is made of jelly and has a nasty chemical smell. (
the vendor included a small cockring of the same jellylike material. that also smelt bad.

do all jelly type toys have such a bad smell?

as to their performance, surprised they went in rather easily (1st timer), feeling was quite nice, but (explosive) orgasms not yet experience.

already looking for a bigger buzz ;)

No, not all jelly toys have a strong smell, but when you get one that does, it sure does stick around.

All of them will at least have a slight smell--kind of like Halloween costumes when you were a kid. But that does lighten up with use and washing. Best bet with jelly is to spend a little extra money. Cheaper jelly toys seem to have more of that petroleum smell on them.

no kidding about the sticking around. I cam back home today and at the door I already noticed the smell albeit faint.
It'll have to go...

Iv'e only got 1 anal toy at present & I found that also, I have to wrap it in a seperate bag so my other toy's dont smell of it, is gross. Jus bought a new one from love honey which i'm waiting for, I think if that has same smell it's gonna put me off for life.