Toys and other bits you would like during lockdown

I know there is another lockdown thread talking about the pros and cons. I would like this chat to be a bit of fun to help keep spirits up.

Just a chat about:

What toys or other items from LH you would like during the next lockdown?


Toys you couldn’t have done with out during the last one?

I would like a remote lovense or we vibe to entertain me and the OH with.

Couldn’t have done without during the last lockdown especially when the wife worked nights.

Wow looks interesting, never thought about male masterbates, is it easy to clean?

I’d like to try a Zumio, but they are pricey.
For my birthday I got this: Red Hot Flickering Toy
It has been fantastic, especially combined with a glass or steel dildo.

And today - wayhey! - we had a lock fitted to our bedroom door, which adds a sense of mischief and prevents teens just knocking and walking in…


In the first lockdown I found it really hard to carve out any solo time, apart from locking myself in the bathroom, so now at least I can be in the bedroom surrounded by toy boxes, undisturbed. Teens will have to find their socks at some other time.

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The lock on door sounds amazing idea, we don’t have doors, didn’t realise they are an odd size, so very hard to have fun.

This big ba*tard

Going to have LOTS of fun with him!

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Wow that is big, good luck.

With lube I can conquer anything